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How To Get Email on Your Phone


To get email on your phone, you will need to have a cell phone plan package that supports the email feature. Most cell phones today are able to send and receive email messages. However, if your calling plan does not have internet access or the ability to send emails, you may not be able to do so. Smart phones such as the iPhone and Android, flip phones, and phones with qwerty keyboards can all take advantage of the cell phon email feature. This is a great way to stay in touch with others when you simply can not be at your computer.

Step 1

To get email on your phone, you will need to contact your cell phone provider to see if you currently have email cability on your cell phone plan. Some popular cell phone providers include Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T Mobile, and AT&T. Each of these providers offers different plans for different prices. For example, if you have a smart phone with Verizon Wireless, you can pay the data fee of $30 per month, which gives you the ability to get email messages, browse the internet, and much more.

Step 2

If your cell phone provider offers a plan to get email messages and you feel that this is something that you will be using a lot, it is probably the best to get the plan. If you decide to be charged per message instead of the monthly flat fee, you may end up going way over the amount that you could have been paying. To add the email option to your plan, simply contact your cell phone provider.

Step 3

Turn on your cell phone to get email messages. If using a smart phone, there should be a visible link that you can click on to set up your email preferences. When setting up email on your cell phone, choose your email provider, such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, and then enter in your username and password to connect.

Step 4

After you set up your account, you should easily be able to get email on your phone. You can set your email to be checked at regular intervals or you can open the application manually to get email messages. In the email application, you can also compose messages to send to others. This is a great way to keep up to date with all of your emails even when you are not at home or at the office.

Step 5

To get email if you are not using a smart phone device, you will need to open up your phone's web browser. From here, type in the URL to your email address provider and sign in using your username and password. You will the be able to get email messages from your web browser whenever you visit the email provider's website.


To take advantage of emails on your cell phone, be sure to purchase a phone that is capable of performing these functions. If using an older cell phone, you may not be able to get emails on your cell phone.

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