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How To Clean a Laptop Screen


Knowing how to clean a dirty laptop screen properly can save you time, money, effort and also prevent unintentional damage to your laptop screen. No matter how dirty your laptop screen is, this article will show you some simple and easy methods to clean off most types of dirt.

Make sure you have the following things ready before you begin:

1. Lint-Free Cloth

2. Vinegar

3. Water

4. Dry Cotton Cloth

5. Spray Bottle

6. Baking Powder

Remember to avoid the temptation of spraying any cleaning solutions directly onto the laptop screen, and please avoid using any cleaning agents that contain alcohol or chemically strong cleaning solvents.

Step 1

Start by shutting down your laptop, disconnecting any and all peripherals, and leaving it to cool down for about two minutes.

The first  step once your laptop has cooled down, is to take some dry cloth  and wipe the screen, start from either the left or right and wipe horizontally, in a smooth motion till you reach the opposite end of the screen. This helps clean off dust and minor forms of dirt from the laptop screen.




Step 2

Next, take a small bowl and fill it with water, add two table spoons of vinegar and about half a teaspoon of baking soda, and even a pinch of lemon. The lemon gives the concoction and subsequently the laptop screen, a fresh, lemony smell once it has been cleaned.

Mix the the concoction thoroughly with a spoon and add it to a spray bottle and leave it alone for about 10 minutes.

Step 3

After ten minutes have passed, lightly spray the concoction onto the lint-free cleaning cloth, then gently but firmly wipe your laptop from left to right, or even right to left it doesn't matter. If you don't have a  dry cotton cloth, then perhaps an old T-shirt will do, most laptops come with lint free cleaning cloths bundled in, you can use these as well if you feel like. After applying the solution onto the laptop screen, gently wipe it away with the dry cloth, but in the opposite direction to which you applied the homemade solvent.

Step 4

Once you've done this step check you laptop carefully in a bright light, like a study lamp or torch. Confirm if there's any dirt left or not, if there is simply rinse and repeat step 3. 

Step 5

The final step is to dry your laptop, don't let it dry on its own, as small amounts of liquid may seep into the screen. After wiping it, make sure you either use a small fan to completely dry your laptop screen or wipe it with a dry piece of cloth more then once.

Eventually you'll have a shiny and clean laptop screen.



Remember to avoid using tissues, as tissues may scratch the screen.

If you've made your lint-free cleaning cloth too wet with the cleaning solution, just wipe it on another dry piece of cloth or sponge. Don't wipe it on  tissue.

If you want, you can air dry the laptop screen by pointing a fan at it. Do not use a blow dryer.

Remember to always wipe gently but firmly, keep your motions smooth, slow, and firm. Don't wipe energetically or frantically, as doing so may cause irreparable damage to the screen.

Don't risk the entire screen by cleaning a wide area on the first go, test the homemade solvent by doing step 3 on a small area of the screen first.

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