Best Portable Laptop For Students
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Best Portable Laptop For Students

Published at 03/23/2012 12:15:04


Best Portable Laptop For Students

As the summer comes close, students graduating from high school and moving to colleges are beginning to their college shopping. The new clothes, the new phone and the new laptops. Now every student or frankly anyone else in the market wonders what laptop to purchase in the endless corridor of laptops displayed in stores. Most of them similarly priced but have same or completely opposite features. The amount of money spent on SONY VAIO with basic features would buy you a higher configured laptop by HP or DELL. The bottom line is that it’s not easy to choose what laptop to buy especially when the pricier ones are so much sexier looking. This article will discuss some of the best portable laptops which is most convenient for college students. Even for high school or any other kind of students portability is the key determination factor as it’s not very easy to move from class to class with a 17 inch laptop that probably weights a lot.


Best Portable Laptop For Students

The First laptop we will discuss is one of 2012’s most anticipated blockbuster in laptops and you’ve probably already guess it. Yes, we are talking about the Apple MacBook Air. The laptop is only 0.68 inches thick and weighs less than 3 pounds. Of you’re in the market for a highly portable but still powerful laptop then your money couldn’t be spent better anywhere else. The MacBook Air offers a light weight designs, beautiful display and all in prefect dimensions without compromising on the quality or power of performance. The design of MacBook has always been an attraction for all PC users; the MacBook Air is no different. The laptop was designed keeping in mind the portability factor and is only 2.9 pounds and 0.68 inches thick making it the lightest and most portable laptop for students you’ll find in the market. The exterior design is simply to gawk on. The laptop is available in 11 inches and 13 inches screen with resolution up to 1440x900 pixels. This display is simply the best you’ll find in the market. There was no compromising on performance during the designing stage. The Laptop is fast with several option contributing for high speed processing. It features an Intel Core 2 Duo i5 processor and HD graphics 3000. Both together allow you to use high graphic apps, movies and games without any glitches or lagging.


Best Portable Laptop For Students

There are several other features available in this laptop. Other than the obvious Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, The MacBook Air has a mini display port allowing you to connect HDTV, USB and SD Card slot, Built-in webcam and stereo speakers. One of the features and for some considered a drawback is the 4GB RAM size. The battery life is another impressive feature adding it for the vote for best portable laptop. The laptop offers up to seven hours of battery life on a single charge and if you leave it on stand by the laptop will remain powered for nearly 30 days. This is something you will hardly find in other laptops unless you purchase an external higher powered battery.

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The bottom line is that the Macbook Air is the ultimate portable laptop for 2012. Without compromising anything on the performance side, it’s lightness and thinness simply makes it the most convenient and portable machine for students.


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