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How To Apple Store the Domain Store Hours,


One of the biggest producers in the domain of IT hardware and software in the world, Apple is the creator of modern technology such as the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone and even the slimmest laptop in the world is created by Apple. The creator of Apple and the designer of all the Apple products is Steve Jobs, who unfortunately died in 2011. The domain represents the country from where you are accessing the Apple store and the domain has its own store schedule. But how can you find out the store schedule for the domain you are searching for?

Step 1

1. First of all after you decide which Apple product you want to buy you will have to enter the official website (this means and change the domain (this is the country that you live in and from where you will buy the Apple product). You need to scroll down the page and on the bottom line you will see an US flag and the text “Please choose your country or region”. From here the domain can be changed.

Step 2

2. After you click the flag or the text written next to it, a screen containing countries with their flags will appear. This screen will contain all the domain areas in which Apple has a store or a partner store (e.g. in some countries Apple products can be purchased from partner stores such as Orange or Vodafone – for iPhones).

Step 3

3. Select your country and after you are redirected to the main site click the Apple logo. In the lower section of the site, under the advertising area (now the new iPad is featured) you will see a link for the Apple Retail Store. Click it and select from the dropdown list the store that suites your needs the best. For example, if the domain is UK, you will see a page that asks you to “Find an Apple Store”. From the dropdown list select “London, White City”.

Step 4

4. You will be redirected to a page that contains information about that specific store, where you can see its address (and a phone number), and a link for Driving Directions & Map. If you click this link, the browser will load a page containing a local map, full address, phone number, Store Hours (this is the actual schedule that you were searching for in the first place), and the most important thing, a How to get There section.

Step 5

5. Remember that the domain has its own Store Hours, mostly due to the time zones, but these stores are opened in every day of the week and more important, the online Apple Store can be accessed anytime from your homes, through the Internet browser, without having to search for store hours or driving directions. You can order and buy any Apple product from the web and it will be shipped into your country and delivered to your front door safely.


Apple products can be bought online on the web, mostly via but every domain has its stores.




By Ignat Victor, published at 03/20/2012
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