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How To Replace Laptops Batteries


Laptops batteries are the one thing on a laptop that must be constantly watched over. And despite the fact that they are rechargeable, most laptops batteries have a natural life cycle of either two, three or five years. Although if you're lucky you'll get a battery that never gives up, I've got one like that, it's been powering up my Mac for nearly six years now.

But what if, either by accident or design, your laptops batteries have come to an end? Bad power management, constant blackouts or just having a low quality battery will eventually drain all the life out of your laptop's batteries, and you'll need to replace them with new ones.

No idea how to go about getting new laptops batteries and replacing your old ones? Don't sweat it, we'll show you how in five easy steps.

Step 1

The first step is time, have your laptop's batteries run out before the warranty is over? If so, that means you have defective batteries, and they need to be replaced  immediately, before they start to leak very dangerous chemical into your laptop.

Laptops batteries contain Alkaline, lead and various other chemicals that will instantly fry your laptop's motherboard. So if you do find a leak, take out the defective battery, wipe the battery compartment with a damp cloth, then wipe it again with a dry cloth, and let it air dry. If your battery compartment has hard to reach nooks, use a cotton ear bud tip to clean them out.

If your laptops batteries are not leaking, but are still covered by the laptops warranty, simply take the laptop to a service center and they'll be replaced.



Step 2

So, your laptops batteries have run out, and they are no longer covered by the warranty, as long as they are not leaking or damaged, it's safe to leave them inside the laptop. It's also time to do some research! First of all, Google your laptops name, model and add the word new battery, in my case, it'll look like this "macbook 2008 new battery".

You'll get not only news, reviews and advice on the battery for you laptop, you'll also get shopping options, and that's what you are aiming for.

Step 3

Don't just buy the first option out right, search for discounts, special sales and offers. The older your laptop, the cheaper the replacement battery will be, unless it's a Macbook battery, that you're buying from Apple directly. But if you do own a Mac, then buying it's batteries from a reseller might be cheaper.

Also, while you are shopping, you can get the same  battery, but with either more cells in them, or the same amount of cells with more power, either one is great option, as they'll boost your battery life and are worth whatever extra cost you'll incur buying them.

Step 4

Now, once you've found the perfect battery, either order it online, if that's not an option, then go look for it or its equivalent at a computer store. After the purchase, Google the search term" installing -name and model- batteries", here is an example, "installing macbook 2008 batteries", see, easy wasn't it?

Once you've seen the results, follow the instructions, or even better, watch a video of how it's done on Youtube, laptops batteries are super easy to install, they're purpose made to be so.



Step 5

The final step is... to install, power up, and have fun!



Warning: the new lines of Macbook Pro and Macbook Air have sealed-in batteries, if anything goes wrong with them, you must take them back to Apple for a service and replacment.

New bought batteries have their own warranty, keep it handy.

If your are not given a warranty, do not buy the battery.

Don't buy cheap looking, made in China batteries.


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By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/24/2012
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