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Notebook Laptop Vs Netbook Laptop


Crisis situation: you need to buy a laptop for yourself but cannot decide which one to buy. Should you go for the notebook laptop or a net book laptop? Well it all comes down to one’s needs at that particular time. Whichever kind of a laptop best suits your needs, both professionally as well as financially, should be opted for. So what are the differences that set apart the notebook laptop and the net book laptop? Should one be preferred over the other? Does one have a competitive edge over the other and results in lower levels of after purchase-cognitive dissonance? Let’s have a look.


A net book laptop caters to your day to day needs, oriented more towards document writing and professional development. You can easily use Microsoft Word, Power point and an internally installed system of Wi-Fi which would allow you easy access to the internet 24/7. However, the notebook laptop does not give you facilities such as a DVD or a CD system nor does it have a floppy drive. It is basically a thinner device as compared to the notebook laptop and comes in handy when you are travelling and wish to carry about soft copies of your documents. On the other hand, if you are a movies fan and wish to carry about your collection of movies, the net book laptop may not be a perfect choice for you. The net book also has a longer battery life which stretches up to 4-5 hours. It also caters to a smaller keyboard while at the same time does not give up on the quality of the device. The net book also has a very less variety of graphics installed in it and hence cannot be relied upon for video streaming or music downloading or even picture editing for that matter. The notebook laptop on the other hand is a more multi functional device. It aims to cater to the demands of the professional user by providing software to relate to your day to day work and also gives you a more entertainment filled device- allowing you to download movies, music, videos etc. They are perfect substitutes for your personal computers, the only difference being the portability of the device. Although, it is much heavier than the net book laptop, mainly because of its added functions, a notebook laptop can still be carried about if handled safely.


With a small screen and high degrees of portability, net book laptops may be something that you would want to own if you are a person who travels often and needs a device to keep himself/herself connected to his/her social circle. Easy to use, without any complications involved, a net book can serve some basic purposes but should be used in conjunction with your personal computer. A notebook laptop, on the other hand, is a wise replacement for your personal computer and you can do much more on it in at a more powerful speed and in an efficient manner.

Tips and comments

Hence, although the net book is a relatively new introduction to the market, the decision as to whether you should own a net book or a notebook laptop, rests entirely on your needs and circumstances. The more technical you get, the more likely you are to own a notebook rather than a net book laptop.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/15/2012
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Notebook Laptop Vs Netbook Laptop. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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