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How To Make a Knit Case For a Laptop Notebook

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Laptop notebooks have become one of the most used devices by people today. Several laptop notebook designs are available for buying. You can choose from the lots of manufacturers and get the one that is best for you. There are several designs available. You can get the laptop with different size and texture you want. 

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There are various sizes available. The type of size depends on your choice. There are mini laptop notebooks that have very portable size and others are bigger having screen size more than 15 inches. The size of the laptop is entirely dependent on your choice. 

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Whatever laptop notebook you buy, the main thing is to protect it from various problems. There are several covers that are available for the protection of your laptop notebook. The covers are made according to the size of the laptops. You need to get the laptop cover as per the size of the laptop. 

Step 3

The laptop notebook cases help not only the protection to the laptops but also make their carriage easy. If you do not like buying, you can make one case too. The Knit case can be made for the laptop notebook easily.

Step 4

History of Laptops

Laptops are the most used computer devices that are very common today. The development of laptops has made people to carry lots of data and work on that easily along with they go. The first successful attempt was done in 1970s by Alan Kay who developed the first laptop called Xerox PARC. The other prototype of this was made in 1972 known as Dynabook. 

Step 5

IMB in 1973 introduced the prototype based on PALM processor. The first commercial laptop was distributed in September 1975 and was SCAMP prototype. There has been a tremendous evolution of the laptops. You can find out many species of laptop providing enormous availability of features.

How to Make a Knit Case a Laptop Notebook

There are many people that do not prefer to buy the cover for their laptop notebook. The reason for this is that they do not want to get the case that will wear off easily. The one solution for this problem is making a knit case for your laptop notebook. This is simple and you can make several designs from it. You can make them easily. The first thing that you need is the knitting threads. You can get one good from the market. You need to know the dimension of the laptop. You can make the case fit or just smaller to the actual dimensions so as the laptop does not slip out. The method is simple you need to wove the threads in the design that you want. If you do not know interlacing, you can simply buy two parallel knits according to the size of your laptop. You can interlace them easily and make a perfect cover for your laptop.


The protection of laptop notebook is very important. You must make sure that you protect it from various dust particles and other things. By using a knit case you can keep the laptop safe.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/13/2012
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