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How To Use Gmail in a Windows Environment


The Microsoft Corporation is the developer of the Windows operating system, and the Google Corporation is the developer of the Gmail email client. These are two powerhouses in the software business, often competing for market share in various areas. Both the companies products are useful to consumers and businesses, alike, and there is no reason why one should not work well with the other. In fact, one might conclude that both companies are dependent on one another.

Some statistics put the Windows operating system on 80 percent of the computers around the world. This may include several prior and current versions of the OS that are still in use on desktop and laptop PCs. This in some way confirms the usefulness and the power of Microsofts operating systems if so many people continue to rely on Windows, in a market that includes Apples Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

Even Google participates in the OS market through its development of Android for tablet PCs and smartphones. However, the company still benefits from making the Gmail email client compatible with Windows since Googles OS is not as prevalent in the personal computer spectrum.

If you have never used Gmail on a Windows PC or you are experiencing difficulty, you can follow a few steps that can help your efforts to use both pieces of software in a compatible and headache free manner.



Step 1

Run the Windows Update utility on your computer before using Gmail. Most users can click on the Start button to reveal the Start Menu. Type "Windows update" in the search box at the bottom of the menu and then press Enter to open the utility. Run the update so that your operating system have the most current compatibility with current software programs, error free, including Gmail.

Step 2

Open the installed Internet browser on your PC. Use the "Check For Updates" utility within the Internet browser, itself, to make sure you browser has current compatibility with the latest software programs, including Gmail. For most Internet browsers that are compatible with Windows, the update function is located on the "Help" menu.

Step 3

Navigate to Gmail using the Google home page. Type in your browsers address bar and then press enter. Click on the "Gmail" link at the top of the Google home page. Use this method to always access Gmail so that you can access the newest version of the email client whenever Google does an update. Do this instead of bookmarking the direct link in your Internet browser in Windows, which is "," at the time of publication.

Step 4

Log in to your Gmail on your Windows PC. Test out your email account by sending an email message to a friend or family member.

Step 5

Wait for a return message in Gmail account on your Windows PC. If the whole process went smoothly then your Gmail is working well in its Windows environment.


Refer to the Support menu in your application based email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, if you are having trouble using Gmail with POP settings on a Windows PC.


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