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How To Print Great Quality Pictures With An Inkjet Photo Printer


In order to print a quality photo with an inkjet photo printer, it's important to know how to use it.

Step 1

When taking your pictures, be sure to use a high quality digital camera. Look for something with at least two or three megapixels. Once your done taking the pictures, consider taking them into a photo editing program such as Photoshop and touching them up. It's a small amount of effort that can make your pictures look a lot better when you're done with them.

Step 2

Be sure that you buy photo paper. Photo paper actually makes quite a large difference when it comes to the quality of your photographs once you decide to print them out with your inkjet photo printer. This has to do with the material. It tends to bring out the colors rather then absorb them.

Step 3

The ink you put into your inkjet photo printer has a lot to do with the final product as well. Be sure to use high quality photo ink. If you simply use the ink you would normally use for standard documents, you won't end up with a high quality photograph. Not to mention, high quality ink is actually better for your inkjet photo printer.

Step 4

Once you're settled down and you have your photo's ready to print, be sure to optimize the settings on your inkjet photo printer. You can do this in the printer properties. The easiest way to go about this is to choose the highest quality, or to select a photo preset that the program, or inkjet photo printer may have provided.

Step 5

After your photo is done printing on your inkjet photo printer, be sure to give it some time to dry. Roughly an hour should do the trick. Also, be sure that you don't stack the photo's on top of each other before they've had ample time to dry, the ink can smear and you may end up destroying the photo.


1. Use a quality camera. To produce high quality prints, the photographs will have to be high quality as well. This can be done with a high quality digital camera.

2. Edit your photos. Before taking your photo to the printer, consider using a photo editing program such as photoshop to touch it up.

3. Buy photo paper. Photo paper can make prints look ten times better. If you're making serious photo prints, you'll need photo paper.

4. Buy photo ink. High quality photo ink will also help the end product. Standard ink isn't meant for photographs, and it won't bring out your picture.

5. Adjust the settings. Make sure your inkjet photo printer is set to its highest quality. That way, you'll get the best photo you can get.

6. Let the print dry. After you're done printing, make sure that you let it dry, and don't stack any photos on top of each other, as the ink can smear and they might get destroyed.

By Savanna Lujan, published at 02/21/2012
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How To Print Great Quality Pictures With An Inkjet Photo Printer. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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