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the Best All in One Photo Printer


A photo printer can be a thermal dye printer, but is usually an inkjet printer having the ability to print high-quality digital photos and other vibrant color projects. A photo printer may either be dedicated to photo printing or it might even have the capacity to print other documents as well.


Normally, a photo printer is a special type of printer differing from other types of printers as it has more color cartridges allowing a wide range of hues and tones some even having special photo ink. Most of the time printers are misleadingly claimed as photo printers because technically all inkjets can print a picture; however, not all inkjets have the quality or the various options of true photo printers.


An all-in-one photo printer is compatible in respect of its design, features, performance, service and support, etc. The all-in-one photo printer might have any of the various types of photo printer technologies like direct thermal, dye sublimation, inkjet, laser, LED, line matrix solid ink, thermal line, dot matrix and thermal transfer.

In fact, it is the functions performed by a photo printer that segregates it from other printers usually used. An all-in-one photo printer performs multi-functions like fax, printing, scanning, copying and networking or interfacing all by the mere printer, and this is what makes an all-in-one photo printer the most suitable for both home and for the office. Actually, the all-in-one photo printer has the qualities that serve to be most appropriate to turn the user’s home-printing center into a bona fide home office.

There are many options for an intended buyer of all-in one-photo printer when he checks the market, whether through personal visits or online as there are many brands in the market assuring best of the quality and all, but the most important thing that a buyer should consider and keep in his mind while selecting one for him is that inkjet printers are a must for pretty colors and long-lasting photos, whereas laser printers are best to produce speedy text documents.

The manufacturers of all-in-one photo printers have, so far been, working on improving photo outputs and scanning technology with many offering multiple ink cartridges that save the user’s money in the long run by allowing him to replace each color upon its depletion instead of buying a brand new tri- color every time the cartridges run out.

Additionally, most all-in-one photo printers, in addition to connectivity options such as Ethernet and wireless with Apple Air Print and Google Cloud Print features in the upper tier, have the quality of boasting memory card slots, LCDs for previewing prints and light edits.


The best all-in-one photo printer so far, rated by the users and the reviews made, is HP Office jet Pro 8600 plus e-All-in-One Printer as it has the ability to print professional quality photos and documents with high speed and versatile connectivity options and other features like auto duplexer, legal size scanning bay and cloud printing.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/26/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
the Best All in One Photo Printer. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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