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How To Use An Inkjet To Print


Inkjet printers are the most commonly used printers today. Since they were introduced in the 1950s, they have continued to grow both in popularity and their prices have gone down significantly. A print inkjet is generally one that shoots thousands of tiny droplets of ink onto paper, creating images and text.

The ink that the inkjet print uses comes in ink cartridges, which are hard, plastic containers that a user can replace when empty. The cost of a print inkjet varies with the model or vendor which also determines the cost and size of cartridges used. A print inkjet bears more advantages over a print laser jet. This is because a print inkjet is less expensive, uses less space and is less noisy. This article takes you through a step by step process on how to use an inkjet to print.

Step 1

The process you are going to use is determined by what exactly you want to print. You can use a print inkjet to print posters, customized cards, photos or even documents. Some items you need in order to begin the process include: the inkjet print, printer paper and card stock in case you are printing your own customized cards.

Step 2

So open up your word processing program or graphics program that contains the information or image that you want to print with the inkjet print. This should vary with what you require as a user.

Step 3

The next thing is to insert a regular piece of printer paper into the inkjet paper tray. The sizes and the quality of paper vary and are also determined by what the user requirements are from the inkjet print. Paper sizes vary from A1, A 2, A3, A4, and A5.

Step 4

You should then click the print icon on your toolbar menu. Sometimes this is also accessible by clicking "File," then "Print." Click "OK" on the printer dialog box. This is generally giving instructions to the inkjet print so that you can begin printing.

Step 5

The following step is actually to check the print inkjet as its taking in the commands and doing the actual printing. The printer dialog box could indicate that there are some problems like paper jam or the paper does not fit well into the tray. This will therefore require the user to actually rectify this problem for the print inkjet to finish printing as required.

Step 6

Finally, check the printed sheet to make sure that the images and text look the way you want them to look. Take note of whether the image faces downwards or face up when it came out of the printer. In addition, notice whether the top of the image was away from the printer or near the printer. This is essential as it verifies the inkjet print is according to your specifications.


However, one needs to exercise some level of care. Make sure you preview what the inkjet print to print before you need do the actual printing to avoid noticing errors later. Also make sure you do not insert bent papers as this will cause paper jams and the print inkjet will not print. Using an inkjet print is not as difficult as it sounds and it could be an exciting and effortless process if the right procedure is followed.

By Hannah, published at 03/14/2012
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