How To Charge the Ink Cartridge in a Printer
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How To Charge the Ink Cartridge in a Printer

Published at 02/29/2012 17:07:38


How To Charge the Ink Cartridge in a Printer

The ink in your printer can not be charged and must be replaced completely. Changing the cartridge printer ink in any printer is easy once you get the hang of the process. The cartridge printer ink will need to be changed every so often, as the ink will eventually run out if you print a lot. The ink that is used in your printer makes up the pictures and words that you print out every day. Depending on how often you print, you may need to change your cartirdges more often than not. Changing the cartridge printer ink only takes a few seconds of your time and then you be able to print your documents with full color once again.

Step 1

Check to see what kind of cartridge printer ink your printer takes. You can do this by opening up the lid of your printer. The cartridges of ink should then automatically move over so that you are able to reach them. If your ink does not automatically move in your direction, you will need to manually place your hand inside the printer and gently pull the ink from the right to the left. Unsnap one of the cartridge printer ink products from the printer by simply pulling it up and out. Be careful not to touch the bottom of the cartridge, as you may get ink on your hands. The cartridge printer ink should have the name and type of ink written on it. Write down the type of ink or bring the cartridge with you when buying your new ink.

Step 2

Visit your local office supplies store to find a wide selection of cartridge printer ink. Match the ink that you are buying with the type of ink that was previously in your printer. Different brands may be available at different prices. As long as you buy the correct size, the brand should not make a difference. Stores that carry cartridge printer ink include Staples, Office Depot, and more.

Step 3

Take your cartridge printer ink out of the box. Remove the old ink from your printer the same way as described in step one of the process. Your new printer ink will have tape on the bottom of it that should be removed before placing the cartridge printer ink into your printer.

Step 4

With the cartidge printer ink facing in the correct direction, snap it into place in the printer slot. You should be able to push the cartidge down and back until you hear a click. When you hear the click, this means that the ink is correctly in place. Do this with both the color ink and black ink if you are changing both.

Step 5

Close the printer lid and wait for your ink to move back into the correct position. There may be a button on your printer that you will need to push if it asks you if this is new ink. Click ok and the printer should then recognize this as fresh, new ink. Print out a test page to make sure that the ink is in the correct position and prints properly. If everything appears to be working, you can now print documents and pictures with your brand new cartridge printer ink.


How To Charge the Ink Cartridge in a Printer

Be careful not to touch the bottom of the ink during installation. Ink can stain your clothing if you are not careful.

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