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How To Change a Toner on Printers

Published at 02/10/2012 20:09:31


Many printer users do not have any know-how on changing a printers toner. Most of them just know how to use them and return them to the dealer immediately they notice any fault in the printer, however, there are some who have the urge to know how to replace a printers tones. Below are some guidelines on how to pull this noble task off.

Procedure 1

First select the menu of your printer and navigate to the “replace toner” option. You will be provided with information on all the cartridges and it is up to you to select the cartridge that you wish to replace. If you are not aware of the specific toner cartridge be sure to change all of them on the printer for better and longer results. Select eject to unmount the cartridge.

Step 1

Make sure that the printer is off and not connected to any electric source. If you are sure, proceed and open the front cover of your printer. This is in order to avoid any short circuit in the machine any also for protective measure to avoid any electrical shock to the user or however is changing the printers toner.

Step 2

Carefully pull out the printers toner that has run out of ink Pull it out slightly with one hand and after it dislodges hold it with both hands and pull it out completely. It is advisable to use one hand until it is halfway out in order to make sure that excessive force is not used that could lead to breakage of various machine parts or even cause the printers toner to spill the ink that is inside.

Step 3

Pick the new printers toner cartridge and rock it side to side severally, then unstrap the tape labeled ‘remove’ and the cover from the new printers toner catridge. Please do not hold the cartridge upside down as you rock it side to side. This is in order to make sure that the ink is mobile and in liquid form with the required viscosity. For easy flow inside the printer.

Step 4

Position the new cartridge in the exact direction the removed cartridge was facing as you pulled it out. Then insert it and slide it gently into the printers toner. Please do not force the cartridge into the printer. If it does not fit please contact your dealer to get the correct size for your printers toner.


Step 5

Lastly close the front cover carefully. Please be sure not to force anything into its place. Everything should be a perfect fit without any hassles.


There are various warnings or precautions that should be taken into consideration when carrying out this operation. They are listed below:

Handle the cartridges carefully to avoid any ink spillage.Do not force or push the new cartridge in, it should rest gently in the printer rails. Match each color cartridge to the other corresponding color label on the printer. The toner cartridges should be installed immediately the protective covers are removedNever turn the cartridges upside down, this might cause ink spillage.


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