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Why the Epson Stylus Printer Is the Best


For passionate photographers, having a good printer is very important because you need a way to print your best work. It is very hard to find a good photo printer because not every printer has the technology required to print high definition photos. The Epson Photo Stylus printer is much more than an ordinary printer. This Stylus printer is designed to print at very high quality and to give your photos the sharp look they need.

This Stylus printer might not be the fastest printer in the world, but it has a decent printing speed. When you want to print a photograph at the best quality, this printer can take as long as four minutes, but the results are remarkable.

The Stylus printer is great for printing black and white images because it has a good driver and software that allow you to modify the image before printing. The monochrome prints are very sharp and they rendered very good, near perfection. The Epson R2400 Stylus printer is great when printing the tricky shadow areas, that other printers don't really manage to render as perfect as the stylus printer.


The R2400 Stylus printer has a beautiful design, but is also very large.  It's two feet by two feet with all the trays extended. The printer has four buttons on the front panel: power, cancel or feed paper, ink out and roll paper select. The Stylus printer has more paper trays, the main one can extend or it can fold down into the top of the printer. You can add different trays and roll holders onto this printer. The stylus printer has a firm look and even with all the add-ons the printer is very sturdy and it really feels strong.

The Stylus printer R240 is not your everyday printer, it's much more. This printer was specially designed to print photos and because it's a specialized printer it also has a higher price. This new printer by Epson might be a little bit expensive and pretty high maintenance, but if you want to print good quality photos you have to pay extra. If you are a really huge photography fan this is the printer you must have, especially if you like to make black and white photos.

Overall, the Stylus printer R2400 is a great piece of technology that has a higher price, but if you want to do quality prints you just have to get yourself this printer.The R2400 Stylus printer is probably the best printer for the people that are in love with photography.


The Stylus printer also has very reliable driver software that will allow you to set up the colors before printing. This software is very good when you want to print monochrome images because you can set the brightness and contrast of the print with great accuracy. There is great online support for this stylus printer and there is also a large community of users that might help you if you have any kind of troubleshooting.

By Bob Meadow, published at 02/21/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (10 votes)
Why the Epson Stylus Printer Is the Best. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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