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Apple's Macintosh computer have always been famous for being innovative, easy to use, well designed, simple  and at the cutting edge of design, and constantly reinventing the wheel. Apple has one simple motto when it comes to their computers, and that motto is; IT JUST WORKS.

And it really does, or at least 90 percent of the time, Macs are trouble free. They run smoothly, without viruses, or constant security updates and various other usage roadblocks that plague Microsoft. speaking of Macs over PCs, there is one more significant advantage to having a Mac, and that advantage is the number of systems the platform can run.

You heard right, while PC's can only run Microsoft, and with a lot of  tweaking and technical know how, the system might be able to run Linux. But a Mac, can run Windows, it native OS X , and Linux. They all run easily and trouble free.

Let's learn about the history and features of various not native OSs (operating systems) on the Mac computer system.



The systems of Apple were not always compatible with multiple OSs, as a matter of fact, before 2005, all the system of Apple ran Mac OS strictly, nothing else. But the revolution came in 2005, when Apple introduced its then, brand new operating system, Mac OS X Tiger, which was the first OS that shipped with a program called Boot Camp. Boot Camp was a programmed that repartitioned the internal hard drive disk, allocated the appropriate amount of memory, and divided up the RAM space. It did all of this so that once could easily and quickly install a fully functioning version of Windows.

All you needed to do is slide in the Windows Vista or Windows 7 disc, launch Boot Camp and follow the instructions.

Although Boot Camp was just an unsupported Beta application at the time, it was later on featured as a complete and fully supported app in subsequent OS updates from then on.

This combined with the Linux release of WUBI, which allows Microsoft's users to download and run Linux as an application. So, since 2008, many Mac users have been using the three system simultaneously, OS X, Windows and Linux.

This might sounds a bit complicated, but it's not. Once Boot Camp has successfully installed Windows, log into the Windows account and download the WUBI app, which will allow you to use Linux.


The benefits and added features these three system bring to the user experience on Mac are virtually endless. Just remember one thing, you'll need a very powerful Macbook to run all three, at the very least you'll need  15 inch Macbook Pro.

But, once you have all the systems running, you'll  be able to enjoy Microsoft's vast library of games, enjoy OS X's beautiful and sleek user interface, and tinker around with the robustly customizable features of Linux.

So are there any drawbacks to the systems? Well yes, there are indeed some drawbacks. First of all, all three of the systems are vulnerable if Windows catches a virus, which it is very prone to doing. Although, thanks to OS X's isolated sand box system it might fight through, but Linux will probably not.

I advice that you do no connect online in Windows, use it as gaming hub exclusively, use Linux a development environment and OS X for daily internet usage and common stuff.

Tips and comments

Installing the systems might over heat your laptop, be carefull.

By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/24/2012
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