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Discover 8 Tips For Windows Microsoft Upgrade


It was the year 2009 when the Microsoft cooperation released an operating system by name windows 7. It is an operating system of its own design with features which allow you to as a user to interact with easiness. Further more Microsoft company released this operating system in two versions. Furthermore it comes with a full installation disc for any user who has a computer with the specifications which fit the demands of the operating system. The internet connection is also an important component in the windows Microsoft upgrade especially for windows 7. This is because most of the updates for this operating system are basically on the internet. However you need to have the right specifications on your computer in order for this windows Microsoft upgrade to be successful. However as the user you are supposed to consider the storage. This is because windows 7 require a sufficient space so to accommodate the operating system. Incase you have a less memory ensure that you first purchase the hard drives including the random access memory which fits the requirements of the operating system contact an expert in case you need some assistance. Also consider the compatibility mode of your system. Is your system compatible?

Step 1

After loading the current windows you are using. Insert the cd of windows you want perform the windows Microsoft upgrade on however an auto play window will appear you are supposed to click on the run icon. There should be a display message reading "Published by Microsoft Corporation" before the windows Microsoft upgrade.

Step 2

After clicking the run icon click on the install button for the windows Microsoft upgrade where the windows copies files from the disc onto a temporary storage located on the hard drive, this process starts prior to the start of the windows you are upgrading to.

Step 3

It is even easy to get windows Microsoft upgrade the updates in case you are on the internet environment. Incase you do not want to receive updates you may choose to decline updates by clicking on the do not get updates for installation.

Step 4

The proceed icon will appear next. Click on the next button to proceed.

Step 5

Read the license on the next window and click on the “I accept the license terms” in order to proceed with the windows Microsoft upgrade.

More Tips

  • Click on the upgrade icon. The windows upgrade process will start. It may as well require some 30 minutes for copying and installation.
  • If you are asked to apply the recommended settings, apply this setting will enable your new windows to automatically download updates as well as automatically do a configuration of internet explorer for optimum security.
  • Time is a very important component on windows Microsoft upgrade as well as any operating system this is because without the current time even the updates will prove out dated. It is important to set your time as well as the time zone in order to receive timely updates as well.

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By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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Discover 8 Tips For Windows Microsoft Upgrade. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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