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What To Do When Windows Cannot Open


When the computer operating system windows cannot or does not open with a proper power back up, it is time for you to get into the job of trouble shooting. Troubleshooting is a complicated process; there is no single way to fix the problem when windows cannot be opened properly because the hardware and software configuration of each computer varies greatly. However, the process of correcting your ‘windows’ in all cases will have two aims— first identify problem and second fix it.

System Restore: First, return to the “System Restore” option. The system restore will take you back to a point of time, before you noticed the problem. The “system restore” option will undo the unwanted system changes without affecting your earlier and current files. Sometime you install certain program or a driver may cause some unexpected changes to your computer operating system to behave unexpectedly. Normally, if you uninstall the program or the driver may correct the problem automatically. However, if they do not correct automatically, the system restore will take you back to an earlier point of time when everything was working perfectly. System Restore is equipped with a feature called “System Protection."


Your guide to select System Restore:
Click the start button
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Click System Tool
Select the System Restore, type the password wherever necessary.

Check whether the problem is Hardware related: The hardware related problems arise in any of the three areas—Memory, Hard disks and Devices and drivers.

Scan the computer memory because, memory errors are mostly an outcome of faulty RAM. Corrupted system files may create hard disk problems. Scan your computer’s hard disks for possible errors. Sometime some new devices or video card or some other hardware are incompatible to Windows system. If you have installed any such incompatibles to your computer, your windows cannot or may not boot properly.


Check whether the problem is Software related: Most of the programs written for windows work well in all versions of windows. However, there are few old programs that do not run well at all. If you have some reason to believe this as a probable cause for which your windows cannot boot at all, use the Compatibility Wizard Program to change compatibility setting or you can change it manually by using the program’s Compatibility tag.

Try to start Window in a slow speed: (i) System Restore: - Go back to an earlier date when you did not have the problem through “System Restore” (mentioned above). (ii) Multiboot Order: - It means more than one type of operating system in your computer. You will have additional options to try for other configurations which one opens. (iii) Safe Mode: - If you start your computer in Safe Mode it will temporarily disable the programs that start automatically when the window starts up.

Options if windows cannot be started at all:

Startup Repairs: Windows have a recovery tool by this name. This option is a part of Windows Vista which can fix few problems like damaged or missing system files, etc.

Use Safe mode for Restart Setting: When the repeated attempts to start fails, restart in safe mode by disabling the automatic restart on system failures.

Tips and comments

 Reinstall: If the problem remains unsolved, preserve backup copies of your files, install Custom installation of windows to delete all the files permanently and reinstall windows.

By Smita, published at 04/04/2012
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