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Western digital is the premier producer of hard drives and external hard drives in the world. It produces form 60 GB's up to 3 TB (terabytes). The company if famous for their innovative ideals, well designed hard drives and generally affordable prices.

The name of western digital hard drives have come to represent quality and durability, they also work wonderfully well across all major platforms. Their lines of My Passport and My Book Western Digital Hard drives are their biggest selling products ever, as these two encompass most of their customer base.



Western Digital first started out as company that made and sold microchips for calculators , this was in the 1970's. By 1975 Western digital had become the worlds largest microchip maker for calculators, unfortunately, this success only lasted for a year. In 1976, due circumstances revolving around the oil crisis and various other circumstances, Western Digital declared bankruptcy.

However, despite this large setback, Western Digital continued to innovate and create several of the best known microchips of the 70's. Their big break came in the 1980's, when they were one of the first companies to venture into digital storage, and won a contract to provide digital storage spaces for IBM.

Western Digital continued to expand and grow during the 80's, it managed to acquire a multitude of other technology companies, such as graphic card providers, chip set makers and controller makers. In 1988, Western Digital hard drives first came to light, as the company had bought the hard drive company Tandon's asset creation division. And so was born the firs series of Western Digital hard drives, know as the Centaur series.

The golden age of Western Digital hard drives came to an end in the early 1990's, as the computer industry stared to shift from ST and ESDI drives to ATA and SCSI drives. Western Digital hard drives started to sell less and less, until a year later Western digital updated their technology and started creating the Caviar (85 MB) hard drive series. Which used the new embedded servo diagnostic systems.

From there onwards, Western digital continued to innovate and create, and as a result are one the best western hard drive makers in the world today.


Most Western digital hard drives have the same set of features, which works well in creating conformity across their products. The most famous western hard drive is the "My Passport" series, which range from 80 GB up to nearly 1 TB in size. Like most Western hard drives, the disk itself comes in a series of colorful shell colors, such a red, black, green and blue.

All western hard drives come with warranties, back up software that can be used only on a Windows system, USB cable ( from USB 2.0 to 3.0), the actual drive and excellent multimedia support.

The only real complaint when it comes to WD's most famous  hard drives series, is that they tend to break easily or malfunction when dropped, banged or jostled violently. Also the USB cables tend to become loose and useless after a year in to the product.



Tips and Comments

Always keep you hard drive away from water.

Buy a carrying case to protect the hard drive from falls.

By Mohseen Lala, published at 03/14/2012
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Review Of Western Hard Drive. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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