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10 Tips Before You Buy Tablet Laptop

If you're a conservative tech consumer with no wish to experience life on the unsettled frontier, tablets aren't yet for you. But if you're adventurous--or you need a device to fill what used to be a void in available products--these lean machines offer plenty of useful apps and features.

1. The BUDGET - stick to your budget. You must choose a tablet laptop that is not too expensive to buy with your  budget at hand. You can check on the value and great deals so that you won't be spending much on the tablet laptop.

2. The WEIGHT - Ensure that it is easily portable, it should be ultra-thin and light; it can be hand carried and can be used anytime while sitting or standing.

3. The BATTERY - Battery life should be long, over six hours is considered a good battery life for a tablet laptop

4. The NEED -You shouldn’t buy a laptop that doesn’t suit your needs. If you have read any Acer laptop review they will push you to buy the biggest and greatest laptop around no matter how many of the features you aren’t going to use. Think of what you need and stick to it.

5. The SIZE - if you are a graphic artist or a gamer, then you need to have bigger screen and a high end video card. For casual office use, you may stick to components that are pre-installed in the tablet laptop.


6. The PERFORMANCE - The computer you need will vary greatly depending on what you need it for. If you are into games, graphic arts and video making you will require a greater processor and memory requirements and definitely a good video card.

7. The WIRELESS CAPABILITY - Make sure it has the latest in wireless capability that is an integrated wireless LAN 802.11b and Bluetooth PAN.

8. The SOUNDS -Look for the audio system; it should include built-in speakers, headset adaptor, microphone input and the facility to attach external speakers.

9. The WARRANTY - it is the fact that laptops usually result in expensive repairs and work cannot be carried out by just anyoneit is the fact that laptops usually result in expensive repairs and work cannot be carried out by just anyone.

10. The BRAND - do not be eaten by the brands. You must ensure the after-sales services they offer. Is it available the nearest outlet that can handle a good warranty?

Tips and comments:

 So before you spend a lot on buying a tablet laptop, you need to look for one that suits your needs. Spending more on a tablet that isn't for you is like giving away your money for nothing

By Greggy Rick Go, published at 12/24/2011
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10 Tips Before You Buy Tablet Laptop. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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