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How To Buy a "16"" Laptop"

Published at 03/23/2012 23:51:40


Laptops come in various sizes and configurations, originally laptops were meant to be mobile computers, and were intentionally underpowered, sort of like how tablets are made these days. Overtime, as more and more sophisticated technology was crammed into smaller and smaller laptops, the need for a desktop computer was completely eliminated, as a result; most desktops today are family computers, office workstations or homemade gaming rigs.

Eventually, the true judge of a laptop’s power became its screen size, the bigger the screen, the more powerful it was. However, by the year 2008, even this notion was assigned into decadence, as they'd made very powerful 13-inch laptops.

So, the question is what's the benefit to larger screens in the new world of monstrously powerful yet compact laptops? Oddly enough, the answer is just that, the only relevance is screen size. While a bigger screen no longer necessarily equates to more processing power, or longer battery life, it does mean you get a lot more real estate to work with, you get a nice big gorgeous screen, maybe even a 1080p HD screen to do all your work or play on, frankly, the best gaming laptops are the large ones.

So what's the best sized large screen? The largest to date is the 18 in screen, but that might be over kill depending on many factors, and so may its smaller cousin, the 17-inch screen. But what about the "16" inch laptops? That's a perfectly large screen; it makes for a lighter laptop and is easier to carry around. 16-inch laptops are perfectly sized to be big, yet light, energy-efficient and very powerful.

Want to know how to buy a "16" inch laptop? Don't sweat it. We'll show you how to do just that in five easy steps.



Step 1

The first step is, figuring out why you want a 16 in laptop in the first place. Maybe you need a nice desktop replacement? Maybe your line of work requires plenty of on-screen real estate to work with, such as graphic design or video and photo editing. Alternatively, maybe you just want to see CRYSIS 2 in all its HD and cutting-edge graphics, but the 17 and 18 inches are out of your style, desk space and perhaps budget. So figure out why you want it, and where you'll put it.


Step 2

The second step is figuring out your budget; 16-inch laptops are cheaper than either 17 or 18-inch laptops, but 16-inch laptops still qualify in the upper price category of laptops. At the very least, you'll need $1,000 for a good gaming 16-inch laptop.


Step 3

The third step is scouting out your shopping options, have access to online shopping and home delivery? Great, that will make finding 16 inch laptops easier and cheaper. Otherwise, go around your local computer shops and find a 16 inch laptop that you do like.

Step 4

The fourth step is, buying accessories. At the end of the day, no matter how big or small a laptop is, it is a laptop and therefore portable. For a 16 inch laptops, you'll need a big enough carrying case, cooler and cleaning cloth.


Step 5

Got everything ready? Good, here's the final step, go and buy it!


Keep you warranty in a  safe place.



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