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How To Choose a Laptop Bag


Technology has made it so that the average person cannot get though the day without a smartphone, a gps system, their computer, or one of the many other gadgets that make life easier. But all the techno does need to be protected and taken care of when not in use, that is why choosing the right cases or bags is important. A laptop bag is one of those choices that need to be done right. Laptops need appropriate protection when they are being transported place to place, otherwise damage done can be unfixable. To make sure you are protecting your laptop the best you can, consider these points before purchasing a bag.

Step 1


Laptops today come in a variety of sizes, and choosing the right size is imperative. You want a laptop bag that holds your laptop comfortably and snuggly. One that is too big or roomy will have your laptop moving around inside, and that can cause damage when you are on the move.

Always choose a bag that corresponds to the size of your laptop. Put your laptop inside and make sure it fits snugly and is hugged by the case to prevent it from being jostled when carrying it.

Step 2


Not all laptop bags are created equal. The best laptop bag is generally done in leather. Leather looks good and looks even better as it ages. But if leather is out of your price range, other materials are just as good at protecting your investment.

Along with the material, check the padding of the bag. Good padding will keep your laptop protected while in the bag even if it is accidentally knocked over or jostled as you are on the move.

Step 3


Most people carry more than a laptop in a bag. They have their mouse and other extras that they need while using their computer. Consider what you will need to take along with your laptop when you take it with you.

Most bags will have extra pockets on the interior and exterior for items. If you do not need anything except your laptop, consider buying a laptop sleeve rather than a bag. They are slimmer and less bulky to carry around.

Step 4


The strap can turn out to be very important, especially if you are on the move constantly with your laptop. A popular laptop bag style has a long adjustable shoulder strap as well as a handle, so you can choose how to carry it. Test the strap before choosing your bag; make sure it is comfortable on your shoulder.

Remember the bigger the laptop, the heavier it is. A heavy laptop can weigh down the bag, putting extra weight and pain on your shoulder if the strap isn’t properly padded.

Step 5


Although the majority of laptop bags are black, brown if you choose leather, manufacturers have started expanding their color line. Today you can find a fashionable laptop bag in pink, purple, white and a variety of other colors. If you choose a colored laptop bag, make sure the material can be washed off, making it easier to keep clean.


By Lucy Beam, published at 02/23/2012
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