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Here Comes the Tablet


For the past years the world of technology has seen innovations after innovations that have amazed people. The introduction of every device or gadget that comes with the promise of improving the way people live is always welcomed with excited consumers. But one innovation that really affected the way people do their businesses nowadays is the use of Tablet PC or some would call tablet laptops. It has gained popularity because of the convenience it brought which beats your regular laptop.


Pen it


One of the cool features that the tablet laptop can brag about is the ability to use a digital pen or a stylus to write on the screen. Yes, this remarkable device can make you write directly on the screen like you would in paper or walls—less the scolding from your parents.


There are different types of tablet laptops and they are packed with their own unique features. Some are slate models that come with no keyboards and only the screen. With these types, you can use either a digital pen or a stylus to do your thing on the device. But still there are some that are with a keyboard and at the same time allow you to use a pen.


The use of a digital pen or stylus is so convenient since it will not limit you to certain characters only. Unlike the regular laptops, you can write on the screen without needing to place the unit on a flat surface. When you are in a meeting or in class, you can use your tablet pc to record the things discussed or write in on your tablet using the pen.


How the Pen Works


It is amazing how these tablet laptops cold use a pen to write on the screen and not use an ink. The use of the pen has always been the way people conveniently write and using a digital pen to get that familiar convenience is such a great idea. But how does is really work?


It’s all about electronics with these digital pens. When you use the tablet, it emits magnetic pulses that are picked up by the pen or stylus with the inductive coil inside. The earlier versions of digital pens, the device would need to have batteries for it to work. But with the latest versions, the magnetic pulses are used not only for position sensing but also power the pressure sensor in the stylus and its switches. They have cleverly altered how the pen works since it was introduced years ago.


Which Pen to Use


Different tablets use different digitizer pens or stylus. It is also vital to consider how comfortable you are using the pen that comes with the device since you will be performing most of your actions with it on your device. Having batteries in the pen should also be taking into consideration, the pen will be heavier. And in some tablets, the pen is attached to it with a cord. You would want to get that which is cordless for maximum convenience.


By Cryogene Clooney, published at 12/27/2011
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