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How To Install Windows Xp for Dummies

Published at 02/17/2012 19:56:03


Many people don’t think they can install an operating system on their own so they turn to professionals. Installing an operating system like Windows XP to a computer is a pretty easy task. Installing a new operating system is very easy you just have to follow some easy steps. The easiest way to install Windows XP to a computer is to start fresh, a clean installation, on a system that wasn't used or a new hard drive. But you can also install a new copy of Windows XP to a computer even if you already have data on the hard drive the best thing to do in this situation is to create a good backup off all your important data.

Step 1

Windows XP comes on a CD and all the CD’s are bootable. If you want your computer to boot from the CD/DVD-ROM you must enter in the BIOS. After you entered the BIOS you must change the boot sequence and put boot from CD as first option.

Step 2

Now you can reboot your system and insert the bootable CD inside your CD/ROM drive. When your computer will detect a bootable CD it will display the message “Press any key to boot from CD”.

After you press a key you will begin the process of installing Windows XP to your computer. While the set up opens you can press F6 if you want to install Windows XP to a third party RAID or SCSI driver. If you are using a classic IDE connection you don’t have to press anything.

Step 3

The setup will load the needed files and after the loading is complete, this might take a few minutes, you can start the installation of Windows XP to your hard drive. If you are doing a new install, just press enter and setup will continue.

Step 4

The next step is accepting the license and agreement by pressing F8. After you accepted the agreement the next step in the installation of Windows XP to your hard drive is creating a partition. The set up has a partition manager built-in so you can press C and create a partition. Create a partition only for Windows XP to make sure you have another partition for your other data. Use the partition tool to create all of the new partitions. If you already have partitions made you can format the C partition. When you are ready select the C partition and press Enter. Now you will be asked what type of partition to create, choose NTFS because it supports larger and bigger size data. Press Enter again.

Step 5

After setup moved all the new files of Windows XP to your hard drive your computer will reboot. Let the computer reboot and don’t press any key while the PC boots up. Now the Windows XP wizard will take over. Now the installation of Windows XP to your computer gets easy. You will have to choose the language, type in your name, enter the product key, and enter the admin password and set the time and date. Then click next and your computer will reboot and you will have a new Windows XP.