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How To Repair the Windows Server


Repairing the windows server entails having a look at the windows server operating system. The operating system is the mostly affected area. Windows server becomes corrupted with time. This calls for repair measures to be incorporated to recover the server back and make it productive.

Step 1

The overall procedure of windows server repair varies with the windows server being used. The procedures are also different depending on the organization’s needs. The concept of repairing the server remains general with all window servers, only the interfaces differ. This is through incorporation of the same features in the windows repair system.

Step 2

Before starting to repair any windows server, one should understand that there lays a big difference between recovery and repair. These two formats are accessed from the boot CD used in repairing. The recovery console is less comprehensive repair tool that entails manually copying files from a CD to the floppy or server.

Step 3

Repairing windows server is simply addressed by the repair tool from the boot CD. This option is deeper in the windows installation process. It requires a simple, step by step procedure that one must be conversant with. It is easy to learn and practice when the computer or PC’s operating system suffers corruption.

Step 4

Repairing the server starts by simply booting the system from the windows installation CD. The installation disc boots in a bluish interface. The first step provides the repair option via the recovery console with the command being the R key. This step is not selected as one does not use the recovery console to repair. For this case, one should press the Enter key that runs the set up windows option.

Step 5

Selecting the set up windows option takes one through the licensing disclaimer. This is whereby a person agrees with the license for them to move on with the repair. If in case one disagrees with the licensing agreement, the process stops there and one is not able to repair the windows server. Therefore, one should agree with the agreement to move on to the other step.

Step 6

Agreeing with the licensing agreement takes one to the next level with other options on the screen. This section only contains the repair option and that of installing a fresh copy of windows. The repair option follows the command R while installing a fresh copy is done by simply pressing the ESC button.

Step 7

Pressing the R key takes one to the other level that seems the same as the full reinstall option. This is the normal case and one should not fear of loosing their data. The repair option overwrites the windows system files allowing the system recover least 90% of the time. Repairing saves the whole system as well as application settings thus one won’t specify thename of the server.


Repairing the windows server is a better option as it requires no reinstallation of any applications. This process is very successful in recovering systems ailments such as virus damage, stack problems and systems file corruption. The procedure is easy to follow, thus one should take chance when their windows server suffers such ailments.

By Charles Githinji, published at 02/19/2012
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