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How To Find a File on Windows

Published at 02/16/2012 02:14:53


Windows 7 is the current operating system for computers running Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Windows is created by Microsoft and it is a series of OS, or operating systems, for personal computers, such as tablet PCs, netbooks, desktops, media center PCS and laptops. Windows 7 has been available for home use since October, 22nd 2009. Windows 7 comes in many forms: Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Home Premium. Different from the last edition of Windows, which was Windows Vista, Windows 7 was a truer version of an upgrade the Microsoft Windows. Windows 7 has multi-touch support via the touchpad on notebooks and laptops that users can use gestures to do tasks, such as scroll up and down a page. In addition, Windows 7 has a brand new taskbar called the superbar and a new home network called the HomeGroup. Windows 7 has better performance that its predecessor.

It is sometimes hard to find files windows to and you may need help on how to find a file on windows to. There are several ways to find a file on windows to. When you download a file, your computer may place it somewhere else and not in the folder or place you want it to be. Here is how you find a files on windows to, so you can use these methods in the future when you want to fins a file on windows to.

Step 1

Check your desktop for shortcuts. If your file is on your desktop, you can find the shortcut in order to open the file. A shortcut is an icon placed on your desktop that allows you to easily access the program instead of trying to find a file on windows to. Some people do not want to search high and low for a file on windows to and prefer to use a desktop shortcut. The desktop is the first thing you see when you shut down, log off your computer or when you restart your computer. It will be the first background you see.

Step 2

Check to see if the file you want is on the desktop. If you see the file on windows to, you need to double-click the desktop shortcut on you can drag the desktop icon to the taskbar and it will automatically open.

Step 3

Access your "Start" menu. Press the button on your keyboard that resembles a window. You can find a file on windows to with the "Start" menu Click on that button and write the name of the file in the search field. The search field is called "Search programs and files."

Step 4

Press enter when you type in the file you want to find on windows to. Search results should pop up. Once you see the file, just single-click it and it will open.

Step 5

Press "Start" on your keyboard and go to "Computer." Type in the file you want to find on windows to and press "Enter." The file should appear in the results.