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How To Run Windows 7

Introduction to windows 7

Windows is the most common used operating system in the computers these days. The developer of windows is the Microsoft Corporation. There are lots of windows versions that have been released until now. 7 Windows, or Windows 7 is the latest addition of the Microsoft windows. 

Step 1

This is a very highly made operating system with lots of added features to it. There is high security provided with the Windows which allows fewer viruses and threat attacks. The look and design of Microsoft Windows is also amazing. Windows 7 is the one of the best operating systems that is present in the market today. There are millions of users that are using windows for their personal and professional use. This Window is also simple to use and there are many such features that can be accessed with ease.

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History of Windows 7:

The establishment of Microsoft Inc. was done in the year 1982. There were few logo changes that the company has gone through. The first Microsoft windows was released on 21st July 1993. There were many releases of the Windows and the latest development of the Windows operating system was released on 22nd July 2009 as the RTM version. 

Step 3

The retail version was available from 22nt October, 2009. The w=Windows was hybrid of the previous release of Windows known as Windows Vista. This release has many advanced features and several unique things that made this windows most popular of all. The latest version of Windows 7 is Build 7601 with service pack 1. This made the revolutionary changes in the market and there are many computer brands that took the license of Windows 7 to be used in their systems.

Step 4

Using Windows 7:

The usage of Windows 7 is extremely simple. This is the easiest windows that you have ever experienced of. There are lots of helpful tips for the people who are new to the Windows 7 interface. The windows is loaded with extreme graphics. There are many versions of the windows that are available in the market. 

You can access almost every feature of the Windows from the said button. The start button when pushed will open menu that has a lot of options related to the Windows usage. You can access everything such as media player, Internet, hard drives, documents etc. from this.

Tips to get quick help:

The easiest way to know about the features of the windows that you are not aware of is pressing the F1 key. It will open help topics and you can put the question to get help. This is very powerful feature of Windows 7.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/09/2012
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