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How To Use Windows 7


The windows 7 is among the latest operating systems from the Microsoft companies installed to run the computer system. Though the program works efficiently like the predecessor windows vista, the same steps have to be followed for it to work efficiently. The following are the steps that need to be followed.

Step 1

The first step in using the windows 7 is to install the operating system. This is a simple task that can be learned or paid for. The software can run on almost all types of computer. This is to avoid replacing with a new set of computer system when it has failed to be compatible.

Step 2

Open the task bar which has various applications in the window. From the task bar the user chooses the program to use. This is the best graphical user interphase. The applications are represented as icons which are opened by just double clicking.

Step 3

Inside the task bar is the aero peek. When you pick on the thumbnail icon, the pop up window allows you the option to open it. When highlighted all other icons become inactive. This allows the user to know which icon has been picked.

Step 4

If you are a regular user of shortcuts, then you can pin the application to the task bar. The pins in Windows 7 have a permanent mark located in the bar allowing the user to reach it quickly. As the user opens the application folder chosen, the window will appear glossy. To avoid the computer slowing or crushing, you are advised not to pin more than one application on the task bar.

Step 5

The window in the computer screen is the user interface within the windows 7 software that distinguishes it from the rest of operating systems. The window allows the user to manage the work they are doing and other applications.

Step 6

While the windows 7 application is opened, the user can use the aero shake to pick any pop window that will appear on screen. It allows the person to shuffle the window while shaking or rolling it.

Step 7

For internet, the windows 7 allow the user to make a preview of any application like a picture or a file they are working without being opened. The windows 7 allow one to minimize or maximize any window. The advantage of this is that it can allow many application windows to appear on the screen. Moreover the windows can be placed at any side on the screen. The minimized or maximized window can be dragged.


Other features on the windows 7 allow applications to be aligned left or right on the screen. Drag the window till it has reached the far end of the screen. While on the desktop the windows 7 has various user interface features that are located on the screen for multitasking. The windows 7 have many gadgets and widgets that are lesser pop up windows found on the application windows. The gadgets gives the user important information while they are busy working. The windows 7 also come with various themes that can be chosen by the user. These include background wallpapers and windows color. Though the windows 7 have complicated features it is easier to use than the predecessor. One can open many applications on the window there by easier working. It is easier to learn.

By Charles Githinji, published at 02/19/2012
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