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Basic Usage Of Windows Xp

Windows XP Introduction

There are various operating systems that are now being used for commercial purposes. The windows operating system is one of the most widely used operating system for computer today. The development of windows operating systems is done by the Microsoft Inc.

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The windows operating systems are highly demanded in the market because of their easy use. These are the most user friendly operating system present in the market today. There are some of other operating systems such as Mac, Linux etc. which are also used very much.

Step 2

But the dependencies on the Windows operating system are more. There have been very vast improvements in the Windows operating system interface. The newer versions have more security and higher speeds. The one such release of the windows known as Windows XP has been very much popular among. This is perhaps the best Windows release yet. The XP windows has made a place in the market that cannot be occupied by any other.

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Development of Windows XP

The XP windows was released on 24th August, 2001. There have been more than ten years of the first release of the windows and it is still very popular. The windows was meant for personal computers. There are many version releases of the windows XP. 

Step 4

The latest version comes with Service Pack 3 and was released in 2008. The Windows XP is one of the most successful operating systems of the world. The Windows has made a place which cannot be replaced by any other. This is the one windows that has made the working lot easier.

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Features of Windows XP

Windows XP is easy to operate. You will not get it hard to understand once you use it. The basic usage of windows XP is simple. The user interface tells it all. You have the easiest user interface with Windows XP. For the basic use you have simple function of getting started with windows that is using the start button from the taskbar. There is a function that you will get when you open the windows for first time. This will allow you to take the tour of the Windows and view the features and services provided by it to you. 

The file I the computer can be accessed through the use of My Computer icon that is present on the start menu. You can also see your documents by clicking on My Documents folder. You can view videos with the help of inbuilt media player known as Windows Media Player. Audio files are also played with this. You have media library that helps you to organize your media file in media player. There are lots of other functions that can be accessed from the start menu.

Comments on XP Windows usage

The usage of XP windows is very simply. You can use it for various professional works and for personal work. This is suited for all. It is best for every purpose related to personal computers.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/10/2012
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