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How To Use Windows For Pc

Published at 02/08/2012 14:35:26


Windows for PC is the most widespread and most used operational system on the planet.
Although windows for PC was not the first ever operational system since it’s introduction in 1985 it has been used by most PC owners . Windows for PC was created in order to fill the demand for better interfaces. Windows for PC has been responsible for the popularity of the PC since Windows was at the time the most user friendly interface on the market, quickly gaining popularity over the already existing Mac OS. By 2004 it was considered that Windows PC held about 90% of the market for operational systems.

Step 1

Even with this huge popularity Windows for PC has been criticized permanently by the more advanced PC users since it is considered to be the most buggy operational system on the market, containing some security backdoors that allowed many hackers to steal private data stored on the PCs.

Step 2

Microsoft has been working hard to reduce the number of these bugs and security flaws in their operational system, Windows for PC but it still remains the most vulnerable operational system on the market, since the operational system used by Apple computers is thought to be virus free, while the Linux operational system is though to be more powerful.
On the other hand Windows for PC is still considered the most user friendly, by the common user, the user that does not have a lot of knowledge of PCs.

The latest Windows is Windows 7, with Windows 8 on the horizon, but still in development.

Step 3

Nowadays even installing Windows for PC is considered user friendly since the installer contains step by step instructions and help for people that are not used to the PC technical language. So you won’t need to pay extra money to have an expert come over and install your operating system, you can do it by yourself, simply following the instructions given by the installer.

Step 4

Pop in the DVD and choose an installation option for your Windows for PC.

Once installed, windows for PC allows the user to install compatible software, browse the web through an array of browsers and many other functionalities, from widgets that tell you the time or the temperature outside, using the internet to complex software for graphic designs, software development and so on.
For the normal user, Windows for PC is the best choice since whenever performing an action the operating system will give instructions and help. Installing software is almost automatic, all the user needs to do is specify the path where the software should be installed, but even installing software has a default path for installation, so all the user needs to do is press next and finish.

Step 5

Overall despite its security flaws and weak logic, Windows for PC is and always will be the most popular operating system, although Apple has made a considerable comeback in the last years, but their operating system has been most popular on smart phones and tablets. For the average PC user windows for PC is still the normal way to go.


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