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How To Center the Wallpaper in Windows

Published at 02/17/2012 19:37:14


Many computer users around the world use windows as their operating system. This means that most of them also use wallpaper s on their computers. This is in order to make the computer look presentable and to also pass a message to people through your windows desktop. However, many people do not know how to format this wallpaper to be in the center of the desktop. This can be achieved by many different ways on the windows operating system. In this article we will review most of these methods of moving the wallpaper to the middle of the desktop.

Step 1

First, be sure to have a wallpaper on your desktop. This can be achieved in very many different ways on your windows operating system. Identify one photo that you wish to have as a desktop background then right click on that particular photo. Click on set as desktop background option on the dialog box that will appear. By doing that, you have already made that photo to be your wallpaper on your windows operating system. The most crucial and important step of putting of formatting it to the center is what will follow in this article. Be alert and read on, these steps are the most important.

Step 2

Now close that dialog box and return to the windows desktop. From there right click anywhere on the desktop but should not be on any icon or shortcut. Make sure a line or a dialog box appears as you click. Please note that you can click anywhere not necessarily the center for this dialog box to appear. Look down that dialog box and select the properties option right at the bottom of the dialog box that will appear after you click anywhere on the desktop background. You are now half way on the process of setting your windows wallpaper to appear on the center.


Step 3

From the dialog that appears after you select the properties option click on the wallpaper option or the theme option depending on the type of windows operating system that your computer is running on. To make it appear on the center of your desktop background simply select the positioning drop down arrow and you will find an array of positioning options including tile, center and stretch among others. From here you can select  the center option. This is the main part of the process of formatting your windows wallpaper to the center of your desktop background. You are now almost through with the process.

Step 4

Now you can apply this change that you have made to your windows desktop by clicking or selecting the apply button. Then check on the desktop background in order to make sure that the wallpaper has appeared on the center. If it has appeared on the center then you have done this process in the correct manner. You only have one step left in order to complete this process.

Step 5

Then if you are done with all the other steps you can click on the OK button. This button is what makes the changes take effect by sending the wallpaper to the center of the windows desktop background. These easy five steps are what counts in the whole process. I hope this article will go a long way in assisting all the Microsoft Windows users around the world.