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How To Set Up a Screensaver in Windows Vista


You have probably seen many idle windows vista computers sitting in empty offices. And you have also probably seen a variety of screensavers on the screens of these computers. The most common screen saver one often sees is the Windows logo bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. But there is a question on every windows vista user’s mind is that how to set up a screen saver on their machine?


Step 1

Why do most windows vista screen savers move? That is a good and important question. Many screensavers, especially pre-loaded Windows Vista operating systems are animated. This is so because of how a  single image remaining on the screen for a long time will "burn" its image into the phosphorescent coating on the monitor screen. So, if you are trying how to to install a screensaver in Windows Vista, here is some good advice.How to choose an animated screensaver.

Step 2

How does one install a screensaver in Windows Vista? Windows Vista screensavers are built in before shipping. These screen savers have two important characteristics, that is, they usually have a dark background and are always animated

Step 3

If you want to use your own windows vista screensaver photo or, better yet, slide show, there are several ways how to  install it. First, you must have the photo or slide show which you want to use in a folder - probably on your desktop. Then you must do the following: 1. Select Properties; 2. Go to Screensaver tab; 3. Select the file folder containing your screen saver data; 4. Click Apply, and finally: Click OK. Restart your computer and your screensaver should be able to be seen when its file is clicked.

Step 4

What is the difference between a screensaver and wallpaper?

Wallpaper is the picture which you see on the screen when you start your computer. It is usually light colors so that one can see the icons on the desktop. Light blue, green or light yellow is very good colors for wallpaper because they do not hide the icons. You can set the wallpaper from any graphic source which you can find on the Internet. How to do it is by simply right clicking on the picture or piece of art and select "Set as wallpaper" from the drop down menu which will appear. Wallpaper pictures will remain on your computer until you change them. Remember, they are easy to change - only two clicks of the mouse and a new picture will appear. Screensavers are small programs which activate depending on their settings in the Control Panel/Display/Screensaver tab. Through these tabs you can create your own screensaver pictures and animations, or you can download a screensaver from the net. Windows Vista screensavers are usually very colorful, active and interesting. You can show that you have a creative mind of the type of screensaver how to put it and  how you use on your computer.

Step 5

A word of caution on downloading from the Internet: Please be sure that you select material from a reliable website. Spyware and virus have been found to be embedded in screensaver downloads. It is a good place to hide spyware because it is always active on your computer - even when your computer is turned off.

You are safe with nearly all Windows Vista screensavers because Vista is a reliable and safe Microsoft application,.


You are safe with nearly all Windows Vista screensavers because Vista is a reliable and safe Microsoft application.

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/23/2012
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