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How To Troubleshoot Problems in Windows Vista


Windows Vista was released and developed by Microsoft and is an operating system for domestic and office use in laptops, desktops and tablets. This operating system is used worldwide. It is an advancement of Windows XP. Later windows 7 had been introduced as Windows Vistas advanced version. There are many features in this operating system and one need to know Windows Vista how to work and install and troubleshoot when required.

Windows Vista is advanced in communication, performance, safety and productivity. Its network sharing center, access to remote connection, wireless networking, DVD Maker, media player, searches are unique and the operating system has a very reliable safety and security system in it.

Let us now know some of the Windows Vista how to for troubleshooting. Windows Vista Help and Support center helps in troubleshooting and how to. This is where major trouble shooting problems are given in the form of FAQs. This information helps the user to channel the problem and look into the corresponding solution.

The major steps are:

Step 1

Go to Start/Help and Support and click: One can see the categories like windows basics, troubleshooting, security and maintenance and table of contents. Choose the trouble shooting category on the screen by clicking on the icon: The screen opens with many links with a list of problems relating to networking, using the web, email, computer, hardware and drivers and help from other people.

Step 2

Choose the category that applies to the problem that is faced right now. Once clicked, it would take you to the possible queries which might match one’s requirement. This section is based on Windows Vista how to find an answer.

Window Vista how to troubleshoot focuses on five major topics and they are:

Step 3

Window Vista how to Networking which deals with the issues like internet, connection, wireless networks and so on

Step 4

Window Vista how to Using the Web gives solutions to shared connection related problems like in a LAN or many PCs. Window Vista how to Email has solutions regarding email services like pictures, attachments and video and so on.

Step 5

Hardware and driver category focuses on problems related to drivers and hardware of the computer.Your Computer focuses on the overall performance of a PC.


Troubleshooting icon gives the solutions to overall problems that are most likely to affect the user while using this operating system. The categories also involve getting help from another user by making it user friendly. In case, the problem faced by the user is not found, one can use this category to get help from others. Follow all the steps carefully and check the categories one by one slowly to ensure a best fit to the requirement. If the user follows the solutions given in the Windows Vista how to troubleshoot Help and support centers then one is sure to get rid of the problem that is hampering the work of the user.  This article will help the many computer users in the world to complete theirs tasks at work, home or at school

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