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There have been many versions of Windows. The many different flavors of Windows were liked by users at different times. At the time when they were first released, they were designed to satisfy the needs and wants of users according to that time. And as new advancements were made and new versions of Windows started to come, people changed their views about the previous Windows. There have been many versions that have been out since the release of Windows. Windows was originally released 23 years ago and many versions have been out since then.


The first version of Windows was considered easy. There have been many versions that have been out since then, and a lot of them were considered really good according to the people, as their needs were satisfied with them. One of these versions of Windows was known as Windows 1.0. This was released in 1985. It was Microsoft's first 16 graphical, multitasking PC platforms. And it was a successful attempt, which is why the next version of Windows was released.

With the passage of time, the versions of Windows started becoming better and better and they were designed according to that time when the needs and wants were limited. Despite of not exactly coming up with one final answer, many other people say that the best version of Windows that has come so far is Windows 7.

Windows 7 has many features that were not present in the previous versions. This version is not only user friendly, but also has many great features which can help you a lot with your stocks, bonds, office work and many more. This version of Windows helps you do things in an easier and more improved way. The version has a better desktop navigation system. It helps you in doing your tasks much faster and much easily and all the documents that you need to find, it helps you find them more quickly.

Other than that your Internet facilities also become faster and much more specific in their work. This is all because of the Internet Explorer 8, which makes things this much easy. You can watch so many things like TV shows, films and videos for free, using this version of the Internet explorer. You can download things much faster and you can run many different programs if you want to. You can also connect portable devices to the computer and not worry, because there are programs which would not allow any foreign virus to enter and disrupt the files. Another very good feature of this window's version is that there are 35 different languages that are present and you can switch to any language that you want.


There are other versions of Windows that are said not to be user friendly, and that's why many people say that Windows 7 is the best version of Windows so far.

By Amara, published at 02/21/2012
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Best Version Of Windows. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.