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Reasons To Postpone a Windows Update


Windows is the most popular operating system over the world. Microsoft corporation has invented Windows OS. There are a few version of Windows already released. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 me, Windows XP, Windows Vista and then finally Windows 7 is shown up. Microsoft Corporation is devolving Windows 7 to create Windows 8.


Since the Windows operating systems were made to work with, Windows updating option was available over the internet by Microsoft Corporation. After the time when Windows 98 was released, Microsoft Corporation started to offer additional components such as games, theme, driver updates and also Windows default software’s updates. Basically systems files, drivers and Internet explorer and some other applications like net-meeting, MSN messenger is included to update in Windows update. It requires having Internet Explorer or any third party web browser to manually update Windows. And the third party web browser must support Active X control. And for the automatic updating of Windows, Microsoft Corporation has added Windows installation application with the operating system. When someone installs Windows OS in their system, it automatically set “automatic update” of Windows as the default setting. And when that user connects his pc to the internet and run Windows operating system, it automatically starts updating if Windows update is available for that user’s operating system. You have to manually switch it off if you want to postpone Windows updates.


Many people don’t like to get updates from Windows so they postpone it. There are a lot of reasons behind of it. Among them commonly Windows updates slows down the internet browsing speed when it’s downloading updates from the Windows server. And also the pirate copy of Windows gets trapped by the Windows updates. After installation of downloaded Windows updates, Windows automatically re-active the product and when it get to know that the copy what the user is using is a pirate copy of Windows, then block some features for that user. So it’s supper annoying to them who suffers. Sometimes Windows operating system’s errors can be solved by Windows updates. And also it gives us new features by Windows. But people don’t always really need of it. Especially when it slows up internet and speed and to them who use pirate copy of Windows, it is super annoying when Windows block some features for them. A Windows update can be crucial to make sure your system continues to work correctly, but there are times where the update process will need to be postponed.

Tips and comments

At the middle of the article it was said that we have to manually switch off the automatic updates if we want to postpone it. So people who use pirate copy of Windows must switch it off before they connect to internet. Microsoft Corporation also postpones Windows updates for those users who use pirate copy of it. So to postpone Windows updates what you have to do is so easy work. Just go to control panel and then go into security centre and then finally switch off Windows update option. In conclusion, there will be a warning message shown up every time you log into your Windows operating system that “automatic update is turned off”.

By Leroy Flowers, published at 02/23/2012
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Reasons To Postpone a Windows Update. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.