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The Windows operating system changed the way computers were. Most of the computers in the world are running with the Windows installed on them. This is perhaps the best operating system developed for the computer system. The main features of Windows which make it different from other are the user friendly nature and ease of access. These two features are very powerful indeed. These are not the only features that have made Windows so powerful. There are thousands more features that have made the window usage very commanding. The availability of the usage of lots of applications with ease is also a very advanced method that is embedded in the Windows. There are certain tools meant for Windows. These tools Windows help people to get the easy maintenance of Windows. Several tools are present that help maintaining the Windows in original form.


There have been lots of changes in the Windows operating system. Today, the most powerful operating system has evolved a lot. You can find the features of Windows like no others. The release of first Windows was an effort to make the computer look in Graphical Interface. This was the development that made possible the usage of various different applications on Windows today. There are various versions of Windows present developed yet so far. The latest Windows version is Windows 7. This is a highly graphical window that is designed to provide the rapid access to every application.

Best Windows Tools

For the maintenance of Windows, often applications called as utility applications or tools Windows are used. These are very helpful in the maintenance of the Windows. There are various errors that may be caused by using the Windows due to various known or unknown causes. The tools Windows help the errors to be eradicated so as to deliver the high performance of Windows again. There are some of the best tools for Windows present today. These are:

1. Sysinternals Suite: This is a very advanced Windows diagnostic tool that helps to remove various errors and maintain the internal condition of the Windows. This is a very powerful tool to keep the Windows safe and well maintained.
2. Crap Cleaner: This is also a much enhanced tool for the cleaning of various files from the computer that are occupying space. These files are unnecessary and have to be removed so as to maintain the normal functioning of Windows.
3. Recuva: This is a pro tool that helps to recover deleted files. This is very effective tool for Windows and help in the recovery of files from removable disks too.
4. Filezila: This is also an important too that help you to send any file via FTP.
5. Virtual CloneDrive: This is a tools Windows that help to open the ISO files by creating virtual drives.


There are many other tools for Windows that are available today. You can use all the tools for optimizing and maintaining Windows.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/21/2012
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