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Troubleshooting Windows Media Player

Published at 02/20/2012 23:31:14


The windows player provides everything you could need from a media player. The windows player looks decent, has search options (introduced with WMP 10) and a consumption of resources equivalent to Winamp 5. It can be placed in the taskbar. It comes with an intuitive and easy to use library, intelligent playlist management and, with version 12; we have Play Next. With K-Lite Codec Pack you can see any movie (including videos on YouTube, and mp4 files with the help of QuickTime Alternative. This pack is very customizable and easy to use. It includes windows player Classic, which is a kind of windows player 6 with the most basic functions like DirecVobSub, which allows you to see subtitles directly in WMP.


You can download K-lite codec pack (compatible Windows 7). For the lyrics it is recommended to use MiniLyrics whose latest version is compatible with WMP 12. Windows player 12 has ,unlike previous versions, some extra codec’s, including H.264 decoding, DivX, Xvid, AAC and HD DVD and BluRay Disc support, which for most users is sufficient. The new version of windows player is divided in two graphic ways: Library View that allows ordering and searching your personal media files collection and Now Playing is a kind of mini WMP with only the current list of clips (video / audio). Skin Mode is still present, but it s use is low given the presence of Now Playing mode. An interesting thing about the skin mode is that it almost disappears in the background (fade-in) if the mouse is placed over it.
A novelty in Library Mode is the ability to listen to a clip before you add it to the playlist. All you have to do is take your mouse over a song in the Library Mode and then click Preview.

The new organization of media documents (video / music / photos) like system libraries / databases was translated to the WMP. The windows player will load the user libraries. If you want to add only certain directories and eliminate the others you have this option, but the steps are different than in WMP 11. Right click on the top of the player, select View, then Show Menu bar (shortcut is Ctrl + M). Now go to File -> Manage Libraries and choose the library you wish to modify. The customization options present in the windows player previous versions are now harder to find. Select Switch to Now Playing in the lower-right corner of the player, then Show List in the top-right corner. Then, just below the button Show / Hide list, you can see two buttons: Play to and Select List Panel Options.


Select List Options Panel and then Enhancements and you will have the same options as in WMP 11 (fade, Graphic equalizer, Play speed settings, SRS WOW effects, Video Settings) but with an additional Digital Dolby setting, which does exactly what its name implies: settings for the Dolby Digital compatible content. The Play To function is a new feature that lets you run a video/music streaming on one of the computers in the HomeGroup. This option of the player windows can be a very useful thing for people who have such a Media Center PC or if you want to put a certain song for a coworker to listen.


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