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How To Install the Latest Windows Updates

Published at 02/21/2012 07:38:57


Keeping the Windows up to date is very important because having the Windows up to date means that you will have less problems with malware and spyware software. The security updates are very important for the well being of the Windows operating system. Consider the Windows security updates like vaccines, you will make your computer immune to some security threats. Other updates will make sure that your computer will run as smoothly as is it has to. Because the Windows operating system is so widespread it has always been an attraction for viruses and malware. Having the Windows updated installed on your computer will bring only good to your computer. Installing the Windows updates is a very easy task.

Step 1

First off all, you have to check your Internet connection, you cannot get updates if your computer is not connected to the Internet. There is always new content added by Microsoft that will help your computer run smoothly. The first thing you have to do is connect to the Internet and after that open the Windows IE (Internet Explorer).

Step 2

You will find on the Tools menu the Windows update button, click on this button. If you don't have Microsoft update installed, then it will automatically initialize it.

Step 3

When you reached the Microsoft update today web page you can click on Start Now and after that a license agreement will open. Click Continue after you read the agreement this will take you to the next step.

Step 4

After you completed the previous step there will be a Security warning box, in this box there will be all the important security updates. Now you can click Install and the automatic installer will start.

Step 5

You can go to the Microsoft update web page and check for new updates, they are added there on a regular basis. You can also go to the Keep your computer up to date page and install the high priority updates by pressing the Express button. This will keep your computer safe from the latest security threats.

Step 6

After this you will go to the Review and Install page and you will have to click on the Install Updates button. Just follow the easy instructions that will appear on your screen. You can always repeat this process to make sure your computer always stays up to date. Keep in mind that security updates are the most important.

Step 7

You can always use the Automatic Updates feature that is incorporated in Windows. This feature will automatically search and install the latest updates for the Windows that you use. You will be notified after every update is downloaded and ready to install so you just have to click on the bubble that will announce you that updates are ready. It is wise to keep this feature always on because you will not have to keep track of every update that is available.

Windows is a very good operating system, but it has to stay up to date just like your antivirus software. It is highly recommended that you have an antivirus program installed on your computer just to keep you safe from problems.