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How To Install Windows Xp

Windows XP is one of the most famous Operating System developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is stable, easy to use, user friendly and having an eye catching graphics. Windows XP comes in two version i.e. Home and Professional. Installing Windows XP is very easy. Home and Professional edition installation is very similar. Below are few steps to install windows on your computer or laptop.

Step 1

Insert the CD into CD/DVD tray. Here are few additional steps you must follow before going for windows installation. Booting from the CD drive is important to install windows; you must change the setting from the BIOS, so that the Windows CD automatically gets detected and execute the process of installation. If this setting is already present then you don’t need to worry about booting because it will automatically give you the option to boot from the CD. For a third party SCSI or RAID drivers, you are required to press the F6 function button present on top of your keyboard.

Step 2

It is advised that, to install windows in a new and a clean way. This will prevent the system from any type of error and other performance issues. You can also opt for upgrading the system but if you can, you should avoid it. After these processes, you will see a message to install windows on a blue screen with options such as setting up new windows XP, to repair the existing windows and to quit the process of installation. All the appropriate keyboard keys are available on the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

After pressing the “Enter” key to install windows, you will see the EULA (End User License Agreement) window. Press the F8 function key to accept the agreement or ESC key to reject. Generally, F8 is pressed to continue the process to install windows. After pressing F8, you will see a window in which all the existing partitions are shown. If the hard disk is new then partitions are created on the disk. If there are existing partitions on the disk, you will see the following options, Press “D” to delete the existing partition and then press “C” to create a new partition to install windows. This process will delete all the data available on the partition, so be careful before deleting the partition. Provide appropriate space on the hard disk to install windows, 10 gigabyte is enough for the installation of windows XP.

Step 4

Formatting is done with the help of NTFS. Try to avoid the quick partition method as it may affect the performance of hard disk. A standard partition will check for all kinds of error present and is fast compared to the old FAT32. After this process, all the installation process starts. After the completion of the process, to install windows the system will restart and you will be able to see the timer, which tells you about the time left to restart. You can press the “Enter” key to start quick.

Step 5

Your system will again start and you need to fill few questionnaires like the region and language you want to choose, name, product key, time zone etc. All the questions are self explanatory and are important to install windows. After providing the information, basic installation process will start and system will show you its famous windows screen.

By AJ, published at 02/23/2012
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