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What You Need To Know About Windows Phones


Microsoft’s old cellular OS called ‘Windows Mobile’ was replaced by the all new cellular os which was named ‘Phones Enthusiasm windows ’. Before the established statement of ‘Windows Cellphone 7’, Enthusiasm approached to gadgets that are already running Enthusiasm windows Mobile as ‘Phones Enthusiasm windows ’. In the begin of Feb 2010, Enthusiasm shows the list of organizations and components makers in its report. Enthusiasm presents its first Enthusiasm windows Cellphone on Feb 15, 2010, at Mobile Community The legislature 2010 in Spain's capital. Later on Goal 15, 2010, Enthusiasm also shows the extra details at Enthusiasm Conference (MIX) 2010 and the Software Development Kit (SDK) was created available on Sept 16, 2010. Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows assistance 25 languages and Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows marketplace allow dealing applications across 35 nations all over the globe and parts.


Microsoft’s CEO Bob Ballmer on August 11, 2010 states 10 gadgets managing Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows , and they will be created by its launch lovers Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung. Its revenue begin on August 21, 2010 in European countries and Australia. The revenue of United Declares begin on Nov 8, 2010. The gadgets were available on 60 providers in 30 nations all over the globe, and the extra gadgets to be released this year. On Feb 11, 2011, Microsoft’s CEO Bob Ballmer and Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop met together at a media event in London and announced a relationship between there organizations. In this relationship they chooses that the Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows would be the primary mobile phones os for Htc. In Addition to Htc Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE also become the lovers of Enthusiasm and agreed to plan the Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows on May 25, 2011. Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE along with Htc released their first Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows based on the major update to Mobile phones Enthusiasm windows foundation.

Versions and Hardware

Here are some of the editions information of the windows phones:
• 7.0.7004 initial version of the Enthusiasm windows Cellphone 7 OS
• 7.0.7008 improve update process for upcoming update
• 7.0.7390 "NoDo" included CDMA assistance, Copy and Insert, fast application start-up, and further Facebook Integration
• 7.0.7392 revoke of fake certificates
• 7.0.7403 advanced update required for changing to Mango
• 7.10.7720 "Windows Cellphone 7.5" codename "Mango" announced by Bob Ballmer in the Feb 2011 Mobile Community Congress
• 7.10.7740 set email concern in Enthusiasm Exchange Server 2003 and voicemail messages notice issue
• 7.10.8107 included LTE assistance and set key pad vanishing bug and location access concern, among other bug repairs.
• Its upcoming up-dates are Enthusiasm windows Cellphone 7.6 codename Dance and Enthusiasm windows Cellphone 8 codename Apollo.
All Enthusiasm windows Mobile phones gadgets must include these:
• Capacitive, 4-point multi-touch screen with WVGA (480x800) resolution [citation needed]
• ARM v7 "Cortex/Scorpion" – Snapdragon QSD8X50, MSM7X30, and MSM8X55
• DirectX9 rendering-capable GPU
• 256MB of RAM with at least 4GB of Flash memory
• Accelerometer, surrounding light indicator, vicinity indicator and Aided GPS
• FM radio tuner
• Six (6) dedicated components control buttons – back, Start, search, 2-stage camera, power/sleep and volume buttons
• Optional hardware: Front-facing camera, compass and gyroscope


Market Share and Awards

According to Gartner, Enthusiasm windows Mobile phones have taken 1.6% business in the second one fourth of 2011 which states that 1.7 million mobile phones using a Enthusiasm cellular OS were sold globally. In the third one fourth the business a little bit dropped by 0.1% and in the fourth one fourth it was increased by 0.3% globally.
At the 2011’s International Style Quality Prizes, Enthusiasm windows Mobile phones were granted by 3 awards which are
• Gold in Entertaining Product Experience
• Silver in Research
• Bronze in the Style Strategy

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