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What You Need To Know About Windows Mobile Phones


Windows mobile phones constituting on windows operating systems and windows kernel CE which are developed specifically for windows mobile devices, there most popular vendor is Microsoft. Windows mobile phones were first developed in February 2010, by Microsoft. In beginning, windows mobile devices came with stylus to enter data, but they were actually not needed because those devices were developed with the feature of resistive touch screens and data can easily be manipulated with it.


Features of Windows mobile phone are very similar to the desktop windows PC’s. After Microsoft’s first windows mobile phone, users can enjoy the feature like; multitasking, file navigation, mobile web browsing and windows media player and so on. Users can have internet accessibility on windows mobile phones, using USB, Bluetooth or VPNs networks.


With the passage of time the user’s interface for windows mobile phones has been improved by the addition of certain new features but the key functionality is same. Where there is a home screen with current time and date, information about apportionments, emails and also contains windows mobile phone owner information.

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Windows mobile phones came in 3 main versions for different hardware device; windows mobile professional, standard and classic for Smartphone’s, mobile phones and Pocket PC’s respectively. Where windows mobile phones like Windows CE based on kernel windows CE, pocket pc 2000 which was released in April 2000 with windows CE kernel, pocket pc 2002 which was introduced in October 2002, both pocket pc 2000 and 2002 were 240x320 QVGA screen but the key difference between them is one was Palm size PC device and other was a Smartphone for the first time respectively. Then windows mobile 2003 were came in market in June 2003 and it was first released under the windows mobile name and it was came in four editions named windows mobile premium edition, professional edition, smart phone and pocket PC phone editions . After that window mobile 2003 SE came in market in later march 2004 the most eminent feature on this phone was Wi-Fi enabling and auto switch between screens as portrait and landscape. After 2 years windows mobile 5 were introduced in 2005 by Microsoft having the windows office facility of PowerPoint, excel and so on which in addition to it provides features like Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard support, (Global Positioning System) GPS and so on. Right next year of Windows mobile 5, windows mobile 6 was introduced which were in two versions, “windows mobile 6 classic” for pocket PC’s and “windows mobile 6 professional” for Smartphone , with newly released windows vista functionality was embedded in these phones. Right after windows mobile 6 there was windows mobile 6.1 in market in 2008, similar to windows mobile 6 but with few additional functionalities in it. Later windows mobile 6.5 were introduced which was not introduced fully by Microsoft, but was introduced by its chief executive. It was using the windows 7 functionality and now they are overlapped by windows mobile phone 2010, with this version of windows mobile phone Microsoft introduced few latest cloud based techniques in it named skybox, sky market and so on. In short it is a never ended technology with huge improvements and editions.

By Ali Javed, published at 02/24/2012
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