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How To Set Up a Remote Windows Office

Published at 02/25/2012 18:04:12


Microsoft Office is an essential part of our daily life but some people find it difficult to setup this application. For remote windows office there are some of the requirements to be followed:

  • Licensing Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • Server Requirements
  • Client Requirements

Step 1

Licensing Requirements:

For setting up the Office, there should be a volume license key. There is some permission with the product license key, if they do not allow the remote desktop services then setup is blocked.


Step 2

Software Requirements:

Server and client computers requirements should be understood completely before the installation of office on remote desktop.


Step 3

Server Requirements:

Server requirements should be reviewed for installing office. Server hardware can support multiple sessions; which affects the performance. Memory, sessions and the core processors vary which depend on the workload.

Step 4

Client Requirements:

Client computers which are old and their robust level is less, can access Remote Desktop Services-enabled computer.

We can start a remote desktop connection from the browser as well. For this, you need to download an Active X control then connect yourself to Windows XP based server or being clients, connect yourself to Windows 2000 based server. We can turn on the Remote Desktop Web connection but for this you need to turn on the Remote Desktop first. For this follow the following steps:

On your desktop there will be My Computer folder, right click on that icon and go to the properties of My Computer. Now select the Remote tab on that screen. Make the check box of “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer” selected. Click on OK button. Now connect yourself to the remote computer.

Step 5

Now you can turn on the Remote Desktop Web connection by following some of the steps like:

  1. Go to the Control Panel in the start option.
  2. Go to Add/ Remove Programs
  3. Now Add/ Remove Windows Components
  4. Go to the Details of Internet Information Services
  5. Go to the details of World Wide Web Service
  6. Click on the check box of Remote Desktop Web Connection and click OK
  7. Internet Information Servcie screen will be visible, click OK.
  8. Now select Next option on the screen of Windows Components Wizard.


Now, for starting the Remote Desktop Web Connection, go to the following URL in the internet browser of client.


Where, Server-name is the name of the server.

For Remote Windows Office you need a MSI file which will deploy your application. MSI file is a “Microsoft Installer”. There are some steps to be followed for the setup of remote windows.

  1. You have to open Active Directory Users and Accounts.
  2. Select the one on which you want to deploy that application. Right click the organizational unit and select the properties.
  3. After going in the Group Policy, you need to open that and there will be a management interface which is called “Group Policy Management Interface”.
  4. Now you have to right click on the organizational unit and select “create and linka GPO here”.
  5. Now a screen will appear and you have to give any name to your GPO.
  6. In the same screen there will appear a blank, after right clicking the blank; select “edit”.
  7. It will take you to the “Group Policy Object Editor”. Now expand the Computer Configuration and choose “Software Installation”.
  8. Right click on the right space and choose “New Package” and select “STD11.MSI”.

After following above steps, you can have the setup for the remote windows office.

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