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How To Download Messenger in Windows

Published at 03/08/2012 22:10:41


An instant messenger is a way for you to online chat with friends and family. Instant messaging can be done in two ways. The first way is the more traditional way, which is going into a chat room to chat with strangers. The second way is to download windows messenger. Instant messengers all have the same type of features. The features allow you to add friends to your contacts, send or receive photos or files, make phone calls, have video chat sessions and of course, instant message someone. You can always download windows messenger for no cost on your computer. For example, Windows Live Messenger is bundled free with some Windows operating systems, so you do not have to download it. All you have to do is open it. Other instant messengers have to be downloaded, and you have to download windows messenger in order to use the program.

Many instant messengers have their own official website and other websites that carry software, such as, allow you to download windows messenger. Many instant messengers give you the opportunity to have an e-mail address, and it is only unique to you because you are the one creating that e-mail address. Another thing instant messengers is known for are screen names. The screen name is what you use to sign in to the instant messenger when you download windows messenger. The screen name can be your real name or an anonymous name. You need a screen name in order to download windows messenger. All instant messengers have password protection, which means you either have to enter your e-mail address your screen name and then your custom password to sign in to the messenger. Going online to download windows messenger is simple.

Step 1

Think about the type of messenger you want to download. There are several instant messengers you can download windows messenger; such as AOL Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Skype. In addition to those messengers, you can download windows messenger such as, Trillian and Pidgin that allow you to use more than one messenger at a time. For example, when you download windows messenger like Trillian, you can use Windows Live Messenger and AOL Messenger simultaneously.

Step 2

Download windows messenger from the official website or from It is recommended that you create your screen name. For example, if you are downloading Skype, you need to go on to create a screen name. Type in one of the product names for instant messenger programs in the search area on, then download or go to the official website to download windows messenger.

Step 3

Create a screenname. Go to,, and to create a screenname.

Step 4

Create an e-mail address. Just like "Step 2," you might have to create an e-mail and it depends on the type of instant messenger you want to download messenger windows.

Step 5

Download and install the instant messenger you want to download on your computer. Once you have your screenname and/or e-mail address and the password, you download and install the instant messenger. Once installation is done, enter your screenname or e-mail address and password to sign in to the messenger that you download messenger windows to.



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