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What Is the Difference Between And Pc Windows


As the levels of technology continue to improve, the war between various manufacturers can only be tightened. Many engineers and developers employed by these giant organizations are not sleeping trying to come up with new products or just updating their line of old products. The competition can only be termed as cutthroat among the various competing companies there is the apple company and the Microsoft Company. Their products Mac OS x from the Apple Company and PC windows from Microsoft have been the talk of the day among many lovers of technology. Both are operating systems one adopted by windows and the other by the apple Inc. The term Mac may be used to refer to the Mackintosh brand of computers manufactured by the apple company. The major difference between these two could only be said to be that of architecture.


Currently people are considering Mac OS to a windows PC. This is because of the many strides that the guys from apple have taken to improve this great OS. While PC windows have the auto save option only in its Microsoft office application the Mac OS has auto save in all its applications this helps the users when they want to revisit older files or applications. This is not possible in PC windows which make it one of the notable differences between the two. The Mac OS and the PC windows differ when it comes to accessing and installation of 3rd party software’s. It is easier to get the third party software’s when using PC windows than when using the Mac OS. The cost also varies as in the PC windows a majority of soft ware’s come free of charge. In the Mac OS applications have to be purchased exorbitantly from iTunes. However, these two sets another difference in the two. For the mark OS all the software’s are got in one place which makes it very easy to get the relevant software’s. When it comes to PC windows this is not the case.


PC windows are also prone to various types of viruses that limit their efficiency they are also affected by different types of malware. This is not the case with Mac OS which is not affected by any virus. The other main difference between these two operating systems is that PC windows use a start menu and taskbar to list its main applications. Mac OS on the other hand uses a dock. The Mac machines are of high quality compared to the Windows terminal from this point of view.

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The OS itself is also of high quality and requires very little maintenance. PC windows on the other hand require a lot of maintenance. The windows installation CD has a serial number while in the Mac OS the serial number is not there. Due to the fact that windows are more customers related it takes a lot of time to improve its products. Mac on the other had improved their products frequently. This puts it at an advantage as compared to PC windows.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/01/2012
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