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6 Windows Tips For New Users


It's pretty standard for Windows users to read some type of "Quick Setup Guide" after purchasing a new computer. This guide is commonly published by the original equipment manufacturer, such as HP, Lenovo or Toshiba. Although these companies carefully coordinate with Microsoft to develop and install an operating system that is user friendly, for you, sometimes new users need extra guidance on how to get started with the Windows operating system.

The guide from the OEM might focus more on how to turn on the computer and set it up, especially if it is a desktop system that involves many separate components, such as the tower, the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. This guidance is necessary because some systems involve at least 6 different parts. Even integrated systems on a laptop have at least 6 initial setup procedures.

After you have followed the OEM's instructions, you can follow 6 additional tips below, that focus on new users of the Windows operating system.

Step 1

Activate your Windows operating systems as the first tip out of 6. This is a procedure that Microsoft requires for most new owners of its operating system software. Activation helps consumers ensure that the software is not fake or pirated, because if it is then you system may become unstable and begin to have major malfunctions as you proceed with using it.


Step 2

Update Windows as the second tip out of 6. Microsoft periodically publishes updates to the Windows operating system, usually on every Tuesday of the week, if updates are available. However, as a new PC owner, you should immediately run the Windows Update service as soon as you connect to the Internet for the first time. These updates concern both system performance and security.

Step 3

Create a password-protected user account in Windows as the third tip out of 6. In general, the Microsoft programs its operating systems to automatically create an "Administrator" account upon first turning on and using the computer. However, you should access the User Accounts utility in the OS to either add a password to the user account or create another user account that is password protected. This ensures that your personal files are protected.

Step 4

Download and install Windows security features as the fourth tip out of 6. The Windows firewall is standard across most of the versions of the OS. Additionally, you should download and install the Microsoft Security Essentials program from the company's website so that you have virus and spyware protection. This program is free.

Step 5

Test out your third-party software and hardware in Windows as the fifth tip out of 6. If a program will not install use the Program Compatibility utility.

Step 6

Use the Help and troubleshooting utilities when something malfunctions as the sixth tip out of 6. This can save you time and money, in comparison to calling tech support or taking the PC to a local repair shop.


  • Backup your user generated files as an additional tip to the 6 presented above.

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By Adri Buckminster, published at 02/27/2012
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