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Most Downloaded Vista Theme For Windows


Windows Vista is an operating system from the IT giant, Microsoft Corporation. It was released after the Windows XP series. This operating system didn't garner a lot of praise as an operating system, but the theme of the Windows Vista is quiet famous. Vista theme Windows are not only beautiful but also have a great look and feel. It is light, so the system resources will not be wasted as much. We are going to discuss the 5 most famous vista theme Windows. The list is generated by the number of download and its usage. The newly released Windows 7 user can also use vista theme Windows in their system.

Q's Lightwave Vista Theme is the most downloaded theme on the Internet. The theme is light and the resource consumption is very low. This vista theme Windows works on Vista 64 bit and also on 32 bit. The theme was originally released for the 32 bit but it is also used on 64 bit, because it gained tremendous popularity. The magic of the theme can be best experienced after surfing through the system and an improved interface of the task manager. Windows XP user can use this theme with the help of "XP theme patcher". You can install it by going to the control panel and then to the theme option.

Vista Seven Theme is a new theme is used on the Windows Vista and the style is taken from the new Windows 7. This vista theme Windows will give your Windows Vista a complete new look and it is very similar to the Windows 7, as the name suggest. Many people don't like the default aero theme because of its transparency, new start menu and new stylish button. This new theme will incorporate a new taskbar same as the Windows 7 operating system and transparent title bar when the Windows is maximized.

The Dark Vista Theme has a great look and feel. It is possible that many users won't like the new theme because it's very dark and sometimes even horrifying. But on the other hand, if you like to try something new and extraordinary then these vista theme Windows will surely blow your mind away. The night like experience on your desktop looks very cool when applied. It is important to mention the background of this vista theme Windows theme. The monster on the background looks very terrifying.

The Elements of Nature theme brings a natural theme to your system. This is one of the best themes available for you. This vista theme Windows theme has a great background and is very beautiful. It can work on different Windows platform such as the Windows XP and 7. Windows XP user must install "XP theme patcher" on their system to use this particular theme.

The Electric Grid Theme has used blue for its theme. This theme has a great interface and the buttons are clearly distinct. This theme may seem odd to other people but users who want to try a new theme can go for this particular theme.

By AJ, published at 02/28/2012
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Most Downloaded Vista Theme For Windows. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.