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What You Need To Know About Computer Windows

Published at 03/06/2012 04:47:49


Windows computer programs were developed by Microsoft on November 20, 1985. It is considered to be the series of operating systems. Window provides the operating environment. Microsoft windows overtook the Mac OS which was introduced in 1984. The most important and new version of windows in windows 7, the new super version of windows is “Windows Server 2008 R2” and the recent mobile version of Microsoft windows is “Windows Phone 7”.


There are some of the versions of Microsoft windows as following:

  • Early Version
  • Windows 3.0 and 3.1
  • Windows 95, 98 and Me
  • Windows NT family
  • Windows CE
  • Future of Windows


Windows is also a user interface, or visual area which is provided to the users to allow the inputs to the processes and outputs to display on the rectangular shaped area or a screen. The graphical user interface can be manipulated by the pointers. If the graphical user interface uses windows then it is called a “Windowing System”.

Windows is used mostly for multi-tasking purposes. It allows us to execute multiple programs at the same time. You may divide your user interface into windows which allows you to have multiple views or multiple outputs at once. You can move windows, change the sizes, zoom in or zoom out. You can minimize the windows as well. You don’t need to erase the entire window from your screen, but make an icon of window on the screen; it utilizes minimum space of your computer.

In computer windows you can have the view of basic information from the control panel. The basic software information or hardware information e.g, the name of your computer, edition of your windows can be seen from the control panel.

There many faceets to the properties of windows for computers. Windows is considered to be two dimensional objects which are re-sizable, restorable, and closable and can be hidden. Windows contains menu-bars (you can make choices by clicking on the items written in the panel), tool-bars, and title bar (displays the name of your document, program or file), minimize button (used to minimize the window on your screen), maximize button (used to maximize or enlarge the window on your screen), close button (used to close or hide the window), scroll bar (scrolls the windows), borders (used to change the size of the windows), controls, icons and working areas etc. The working area contains the images, documents, folders and icons etc.

Tips and comments

There is also a task bar which is used to organize the windows. On that task bar each window has a button which is used to switch to another window. The window on which you are working is called an “active window”. There is another type of window which is called a “dialog box”. It is used to give choice to the users to select any option, asks any question to the user or gives you some sort of information.

There are also some portion or smaller window which contains the relevant information. These are called the “panels”. One document have single object on the windows. There is also a feature called “drawer”; it is a panel which is used to slide out the windows. It displays the extra information.