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Published at 03/10/2012 11:28:15


Windows Security is considered to be the major concern for the network administration. You can enhance that security by using different techniques like audit, authorization and configurations of security etc. You should also keep monitoring the performance of your system after some time. It is a good practice of keeping the system safe from malwares and different viruses. Windows Share-point is used to provide you the services for new requirements. When you install windows server on your system and you are configuring Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MDTC) then you should also make a group with IP and the name on network. You should keep IP and the network name unique to others. You should not change privileges which are configured by default. You should delete the administrator account from your computer for the security purpose. After deleting that account you can make your new account which may have administrator privileges.


For windows security, you should create strong passwords for the protection of your system and windows. Password should be long and complex. Password should contain letters, symbols and numbers as well. The length of password should be 8 characters or more than that. Use different passwords for different things. You should keep changing your passwords after some time. The variety of characters in the password should be more but you should make a password that you could remember easily. For this, you should write the password somewhere for your convenience so that you may not forget your passwords. For making the password for windows security purpose, you can start with one or more than one sentences by removing the spaces between them. You may also add some numbers to increase the length of your passwords. You should check you password with the password checker for windows security. You should avoid dictionary in the passwords. You may also avoid abbreviations in your password. At the end you should keep it in your mind that you should not write any personal information in you password. Using these techniques you may secure your windows.


Windows security can be done by protecting the PC form malwares, viruses, spywares and other softwares which may harm the computer. You may use Microsoft Security Essentials for your PC. It is simple to install and free to use. It may run in the background of your work without causing any problem but you should have genuine version of windows to install it. You can have Microsoft Security Essentials for the small businesses if that business exceeds the Pcs from 9 or 10.

Tips and comments

There is a threat known as Torjan horses. It enters in your PC which is not detectable. It is a threat that can transfer the most confidential information in the background. This is threat which cannot be easily caught by scanning your computer because the computer scan focusses on the viruses. But Torjan is not virus. You should use Torjan Scanner for this purpose which is known as “Torjan remover” or “Anti-Torjan”. You should also do some tests like Endpoint scan, email security test, event log scan and cross site scripting scan.