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We all want to be running the latest software and apps on our system. They have all the cool features, looks and utilities that make work for us much easier and fun. The biggest software that every one opts for every time an upgrade is released is the Windows operating system. It is the most common operating system in the market right now and every version is much better and easier to use than the last one. Like when the windows vista was released, everyone wanted it cause they were tiered of all the manual setup they had to do for every hardware and software. But the biggest problem is that there is no such thing as a free windows vista. Windows operating systems cost a lot of money, almost $100-$200. You could pay your rent for that much, however thanks to the internet and a lot of illegal sharing and cracks, you can download yourself a free windows vista operating system for your computer.

Step 1

Now the first thing you need to do is download the windows vita premium or ultimate installation file. You’ll need to download it from sites like or from downloader like utorrent. Now the download file you’re looking for will have the title “windows vista plus product key” or “windows vista plus windows activator” basically you’re looking to download a folder or a torrent that has three files. The installation file, a product key text file and an activator setup file. Once you’ve downloaded it you will get the items you need to get free windows vista.

Step 2

Now if you’ve downloaded the free windows vista files from a sharing site you’ll need a zip app to open it like WINRAR or WINZIP. If you’ve downloaded a torrent you’ll need a torrent downloader like Utorrent or BitTorrent. Each you can get simply by Googling the names of the apps and you will be directed to the source.

Step 3

Once you’ve opened the file you’ll see the three files mentioned earlier. Drag them to your desktop and open the product key file. Write this product key down on a piece of paper as you will need it to install your free windows vista.

Step 4

Next go to the windows vista installation file and double click it. It will reboot and start your vista’s installation process. Follow each step as described and prompted by the installation wizard. Insert the product key when asked for it and let the installation finish for free windows vista.

Step 5

Once you’re done installing free windows vista you’ll end up on the vista main desktop. Go to my computer and local disk C or in whatever hard drive your previous Windows was installed. Go to the “windows” folder of that old windows and you will arrive at a window with folders titled “Documents and settings” enter that folder and go to Users folder and then the Desktop folder.

Step 6

On the Desktop folder you will find the files that you previously dragged on to the main desktop before. Drag the Windows Activator file back on to the desktop of the new windows VISTA screen. Start the Activator and wait a few minutes, it will take time to load. Once the Activator is opened click on the button saying” Activate” and it will start the process of activating your Free windows Vista.


Once this is done your are now registered at Microsoft with a free windows vista. Your friends probably paid for their windows but you didn’t have to. Your free windows Vista is now a genuine copy registered at Microsoft and you will get all the privileges that a Genuine copy of Windows gets.

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