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How To Find Windows Download Free


Considering how much we use computers on a daily basis and how quickly techno logy is advancing, it is not surprising to acknowledge that the Laptop or the system you just purchased for yourself will be out of date before the year ends. When we say outdated, we refer to both, the hardware and the software. Now it is not easy to upgrade any bit of the computer especially hardware. You could probably buy a new system in the amount you spend to upgrade the hardware. Now upgrading software is much more easier but then again new software costs a lot of money. The most commonly used software or operating system is windows, who keeps releasing newer version of the system program but there is no such thing as a windows download free of charges by the Microsoft Company. It’s their most demanded product and they will exploit it. However this does not mean that we cannot get a windows download free of cost. Just follow the few and easy steps mentioned below.

Step 1

First go to your web explorer and type in WinRAR. This is an app that you will need to access the windows download free files. If you have the WinRar app you don’t need follow the first two steps. Go to the link

Step 2

On the right hand side of the home page of RARLABS, you will find an option “Downloads” . Click on this option and you will be directed to a page of multiple download links. Now here the page will be divided into two. One, the top section, for the Latest and English version of the Winrar app and the second section is for the localized version. If you are comfortable with English you can download from the fist links, but if you prefer a localized version then you may choose from the second section.

Step 3

Once downloaded, install the app so it is functional in your system. Once done go back to the internet browser so you can get a windows download free of cost.

Step 4

Go to in the search box type in windows download free or more relevant key words and the results will display a list of downloadable files for whatever version of windows you want. Choose the file that includes a product key, a crack or an activator.

Step 5

Once you’ve chosen the file you want to download, click on it and it will download the relevant files to get you a windows download. Free is the term most likable at the end of any product especially a windows labeled $200 in the market.


You can install the files to get your free upgrade and at the end you will end up with a free version of windows. Keep in mind that windows download free of cost is considered illegal and any windows download free of Microsoft’s consent can be penalized. Most people outside of Europe and U.S. opt for these sources of download to get free upgrades. However, it is piracy.

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