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How To Install Windows Vista For Free

Published at 03/09/2012 21:09:08


Microsoft is the leading operating systems maker in the market today. A person can download and install windows for free or they can register the versions. Similarly, a person can download and install windows free vista for free in various online websites. Windows free Vista came after the Windows XP. When it first came out then it was hardly available free online. Some crack versions were there to download but there were not the registered version.

Step 1

If a person wants to install the Microsoft register version of new Vista then it is recommended it that they buy it from any CD store nearby from their home. But they can use the second option any time and download it legally via online websites.

Step 2

There are two methods of installing of Windows free Vista now. First is that a person should check the free Windows Vista via some online resources available without removing their previous version of Windows. But a person would need a broadband connection of internet for this. Microsoft is offering any person to test the Windows free Vista test drive option.

Step 3

This facility helps user to install and test the business and enterprise versions of vista. Due to this people can save a lot of time and money. And the second way is that a person can directly purchase a copy of Windows Vista online store or by any CD shop.

Step 4

Before installing the Windows free Vista free it is must that a person has a P4 system with at least 512 MB of RAM, and at least 15 GB hard disk free space. Mostly people don’t know the system recommendations about a particular Operating system and that’s why they suffer.

Put the disc into the CD/DVD ROM or wait for the email from the Microsoft. Download the copy and install it.

Step 5

If a person is going to install the beta version of Windows Vista then it is strongly recommended that they keep a back up of your important data because there are some problems in beta version of Windows free Vista. If a person has a secondary drive then keeping Windows Vista there is the best option. And if no secondary drive is available then it is recommended that a person puts the Windows Vista in its own partition. A person can’t change the partition size neither in Windows Vista nor in Windows XP. Only thing a person can do is use the third party tools for this.


It is strongly recommended that a person should perform a check disk and fragment tool before going to resize the existing hard drive partition.

Reboot after completing the fragmentation process. Insert the Windows Vista DVD.

A person should then type “diskmgmt.msc” in the Run command.

Sources and Citations

Select unallocated tab and right click it, choose the new partition tab and click next. Set it as primary and click next again. Format the drive using NTFS, and make any name to the new volume.
Click finish after completing the formatting. Close the management tab afterwards.

Now, a person is finally ready to install the Windows free Vista for free. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive and start it through the option of Auto Play.

Click onto the Install Now button. And then some security question windows will open like in the other windows versions.

Now sit back and check the progress bar of windows vista. System may be restart several times.

But don’t worry. It’s the part of installation.

Enjoy the new version of Windows Vista for free after completing the setup.